Ryan, Frankenstein. Finally!!!

Hello GosAdd,
The first movie I've watched with Ryan Gosling (knowing he was in that movie) was The Ides of March (that is aired this evening in Italy for the very first time on our national Tv).

It was a mid June evening back 2012 and while watching it I fell in love with that young incredible actor.

During the last months my love for him has increased and I'm proud I've got quite all his movies on Dvd or Blu Ray, I' ve got also all his Young Hercules dvds and all the episodes of various TV series he starred in (Shirley Holmes, Road to Avonlea, Kung-Fu...).

Have you noticed I've said quite??? I still have to find Breaker High (but you tube helps a lot) and 3 old movies he did before Remember the Titans: The Unbelievable (TV Movie from 1999, where he played a small part along with Steve Carell ), Too Good for a Cowboy (TV movie from 1998 - a friend has told me Ryan has really a small part. She saw him just because she knew he was in) and Frankenstein and me (1997)

I've been searching for a pic from those movies since months. I also try on the torrents but without any results.

And now...It has just happened!! I was searching for some interesting new picture and... There they were!!! 3 pictures of Ryan in Frankenstein and Me!!!!!!!

In this family-friendly horror movie Ryan has a small role (as Kenny). The movie talks about a teen, Earl Williams (played by Jamieson Boulanger), who is obsessed with Universal monsters so much he ropes in his inventor father (played by Burt Reynolds) to help him reanimate Frankenstein's monster.

And here the pictures (by courtesy of Wenn, 2014).

And this was the only pic I had before this evening. So young and yet he had his beautiful lip porn stuff.

If you are curious, you can also watch the trailer.

That's all!!!
Have a good evening and Stay Gos


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  1. I just finished watching all of the episodes of Breaker High that were on youtube! I wish I could watch this frankenstein and me movie as well... I'm interested in seeing all of his old work!

    1. Have you found all the episodes? As for Frankenstein there is only old vhs to buy...

  2. Anonimo8:04 PM

    Nothing to do with the post, but I found a pic of Ryan with Terrence Malick's wife here: http://web.stagram.com/p/301072969462540745_38059697
    It's probably from the time Ryan was filming in Austin.

  3. Anonimo3:41 PM

    One small sort of news about the Untitled T Malick project. His editor A. J. Edwards was in Berlin today for the movie The Better Angels. During the press conference he said he was working with Malick on his two projects and that they will be released this year...

    1. It seems Malick wants to premiered Knight of Cup at Cannes and the Untitled at Venice or Tiff Festival.. Your words confirm what I've heard :-)

  4. Anonimo4:08 PM

    I don't know if Malick can still go to the Venice festival. When To The Wonder premiered there, there were rumors that the director of the festival was really unhappy with the fact that Malick didn't go to Venice in person... So it may just go to TIFF... Which is cool anyway! :-)

    1. But Malick never goes to premiere or promotion. And I think TIff is better than Venice.. and maybe Ryan will be at Tiff for How To Catch a Monster.
      Were you present at the press conference of The Better Angels?

  5. Anonimo5:17 PM

    No I wasn't there. The press conference was live on the site of the Berlinale today.

    1. Oh thanks. I couldn't watch it. Hopefully there will be the video around tomorrow :-)