Movie: The Place Beyond the Pines

2013 The place beyond the pines Read the NewsBack

Ryan Gosling as Luke
Bradley Cooper as Avery Cross
Rose Byrne as Jennifer
Eva Mendes as Romina
Ray Liotta as Deluca
Dane DeHaan as Jason
Bruce Greenwood as Bill Killcullen
Ben Mendelsohn as Robin
Director: Derek Cianfrance


Luke Glanton is a locally famous motorcycle stuntman working in a traveling act for state fairs. During a fair he gets a visit from ex-lover, Romina, and learns that he is the father of her son. Glanton quits his job as a stuntman to stay in town and provide for his child, but Romina does not want him in the child’s life, as she has become involved in a relationship with her new man, Kofi. Glanton turns to Robin, an auto repair shop owner, for part-time employment as he continuously attempts to insert himself into his son’s life. Making only minimum wage,Glanton asks Robin for more money to care for his son. Robin reveals that he was once a bank robber, and offers to partner with Glanton to hit several banks in the area. The duo perform several successful heists, in which Glanton performs the robbery, then uses his motorbike as a getaway vehicle and drives it into an unmarked truck driven by Robin. Glanton uses the new money to win back Romina’s trust and visits her and his son more often. Kofi objects to his presence and the two have a fight at Kofi’s house, resulting in Glanton’s arrest for assault after he hits Kofi in the head with a pipe wrench.
After Robin has bailed him out of jail, Glanton immediately wants to resume their bank robberies. Robin objects, not wanting to press their luck, and the two have a falling-out that results in Robin dismantling the motorbike and Glanton taking back the bail money he owed Robin at gunpoint. Frustrated, Glanton makes a sloppy attempt to rob a bank alone and is pursued by police. He falls off his bike during the chase and seeks refuge in a resident’s home, where he is pursued by Officer Avery Cross. Glanton, sensing defeat, corners himself upstairs and calls Romina. Just before Cross confronts him, Glanton asks Romina not to tell their child about who he was. Cross enters the room and fires …Cross, who is a low-ranking officer, gains hero-status after his take-down of the notorious Glanton. Cross feels remorse about shooting Glanton, especially upon discovering that Glanton had a son, as Cross has an infant of his own. Cross’s fellow officers Scotty and Deluca are corrupt and unlawfully seize the robbed money from Romina’s home and give the lion's share to Cross. He is then asked to help them plant evidence as a form of quid pro quo, taking advantage of his new job in the evidence locker. He feels guilty, and attempts to return his share of the money to RominaStill seeking justice, Cross manages to record a fellow officer asking him to illegally remove cocaine from the evidence locker Cross supervises for use in a separate case. Cross uses the recording to get a position as an assistant district attorney.

Fifteen years later, Cross is running for public office and has to deal with his now-teenage son AJ, who has gotten into trouble with drugs. Cross has separated from his wife Jennifer and agrees to take AJ into his home, transferring him into the local high school. There AJ befriends a boy named Jason; neither AJ nor Jason know that Jason is the son of Luke Glanton. The two are arrested for felony drug possession, and when Cross is called in to pick up his son, he recognizes Jason’s name. He uses his influence to get Jason’s charge dropped to a misdemeanor and orders AJ to stay away from Jason, though the boys continue to talk.

Jason seeks the truth about his biological father, whom Romina refuses to discuss with him but Kofi told him his fathers’s name and so Jason discovers Glanton’s past. He visits Robin’s auto shop, and Robin tells Jason more about Luke, including his superior motorbiking skills. Then  Jason sees a framed photograph of Cross in AJ house and realizes that AJ's father is the man who killed his own father. After a fight with AJ, which leaves Jason hospitalized, Jason breaks into Cross’s house and beats AJ at gunpoint. When Cross arrives, Jason holds him hostage and orders him to drive into the woods.  Jason has intended to kill Cross.


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