Movie: Only God Forgives

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Ryan Gosling as Julian
Kristin Scott Thomas as Crystal
Vithaya Pansringarm as Lt. Chang/"The Angel of Vengeance
Rhatha Phongam (Yaya-Ying)  as Mai
Gordon Brown as Gordon
Tom Burke as Billy, Julian's brother
Byron Gibson as Byron
Danai Thiengdham as Li Po
Sahajak Boonthanakit as Pol Col. Kim
Nophand Boonyai as Charlie
Teerawat Mulvilai as Ko Sam
Kovit Wattanakul as Choi Yan Lee
Wittchuta Watjanarat as Ma Fong
Director: Nicolas Winding Refn


Julian is an American expatriate who runs a muay thai club in Bangkok, Thailand, that is actually a front for a massive drug smuggling operation. His older brother Billy brutally rapes and kills an under-age prostitute before being caught by the Thai police. Lieutenant Chang arrives on the scene before informing the girl's father, Choi Yan Lee. Chang allows Choi to beat Billy to death, but cuts off the man's arm for allowing his young daughter to remain in the business of prostitution.
Julian's mother, Crystal, arrives in Bangkok to identify Billy's corpse. Crystal demands Julian find and kill the men who killed Billy.
One night, Julian brings a prostitute, Mai, to meet Crystal, who immediately begins hurling insults at her and Julian. Meanwhile, one of the fighters at Julian's boxing club assassinates Choi at the behest of Gordon, a member of Julian's crew, at Crystal's request. Later, the police investigating Choi's murder arrive at Julian's club but Chang concludes that Julian is not Choi's killer.
After learning that Chang was involved in Billy's death, Crystal meets with an associate, Byron, to arrange Chang's assassination. Chang finds Byron in a club and tortures him to get answers. Byron reveals the reasoning behind the hit, but refuses to give a name. Chang continues to torture Byron, cutting out his eyes and inserting a spike into his ear.
Later, Julian confronts Chang and challenges him to a fight and they fight on the bare concrete floor of Julian's boxing venue. Chang, an experienced boxer, easily and thoroughly beats Julian. Afterwards, Crystal tells Julian that Chang has figured out she ordered the hit on him. Fearfully, she pleads with Julian to kill Chang to protect her. Julian agrees.
Julian and his associate Charlie Ling enter Chang's apartment, intent on ambushing him when he returns. At the same time, Chang and a police officer visit Crystal and Chang ends up cutting her throat after she reveals that Julian murdered his own father. Meanwhile, Charlie informs Julian that he was instructed to execute not only Chang, but his entire family. Charlie murders Chang's wife as she enters the apartment, but in a act of redemption, Julian shoots Charlie and kills him before he could kill Chang's young daughter.
Julian returns to the hotel and finds his mother's corpse. In silence, he approaches her body and cuts open part of her stomach. He slowly places his hand inside of the wound, and then retracts it. After leaving and having several surreal visions, Julian is shown standing in a field with Chang.
Will Julian be saved or killed?


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