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Today I want to make a post about the How To Catch a Monster distributors through out the world.
All we have is now old articles from some cinema websites  that are going to disappear in the sea that is the Internet.

Warner Bros has bought the rights for distributing the movie in  the US before Cannes 2013 (that was the market where the movie should have been sold).
So, WB is the distributor for the US and Sierra/Affinity is the company who sold the movie out of the United States.

We have not all the distributors, maybe the movie was not sold in all the Countries yet and maybe never be. It's an indipendent movie and about 1/3 of the budget came from the incentives of Michigan and it's also hard for a movie to be sold outside... Blue Valentine was released in Italy in 2013 and it was totally ignored.

Anyway, this is the list of the distributors so far: 

Country Distributors Site
Australia / New Zealand Entertainment One Australia eOne Australia
BeNeLux Cineart
CIS (Russia) Top Film Distribution/ DK Media Top Film
Ex-Yugo Cinemania Cinemania
France Wild Side Wild Side
Germany Tiberius Film HTCAM on FB
Greece Seven Films 7 Film on FB
Hong Kong Golden Scene Golden Scene
Iceland Myndform Myndform/
India Tanweer Tanweer Group
Italy Moviemax Italy Moviemax/
Latin America Sun Distribution Cinando
Malaysia / Singapore MVP Entertainment MVP
Middle East Eagle Films Eagle ME
Philippinnes Viva Communications Viva Ent FB
Portugal Lusomundo Cineuropa
Scandinavia ScanBox Entertainment ScanBox
South Africa Ster Kinekor Primedia
Switzerland Ascot Elite Ascot Elite
Thailand Mongkol Mongkol on FB
Turkey Calinos Entertainment Calinos Ent.
Canada Alliance Films now eOne eOne

Latest Additions:

MexicoDiamonds Films MéxicoDiamond Film (FB)
Bangladesh / Bhutan / Nepal / Pakistan / Sri LankaTanweer FilmsTanweer Group
UKIn talks at the moment

Hope you could find it usefull.

Searching on the sites, I've found a kind of a temporary poster (on ScanBox Scandinavian).

As you can see they did a temporary poster with Eva Mendes that has not a main role (she plays Cat who just "helps" Billy) as the lead female character is Billy played by Christina Hendricks. And I don't understand the choice.
Maybe it's just a WB decision? I repeat, the main role in  the movie was given to Christina.

And the proof is that this one is only a temporary one I think it could be the pic itself.
The original one was from an old photoshoot Eva did back in 2012 (maybe also older)

That's all for the moment.

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  1. Anonimo7:31 PM

    If you liked Eva, you wouldn't bother her being on the poster, whether or not she's a supporting role... It may just be a character poster anyway. And a pretty nice one imo. As the project is mysterious, are you really sure her role isn't bigger than what you think?

    1. No it's not a character poster. The pic was from an old photoshoot from 2012. Besides she is not the lead role in the movie but Christina I'm sure of this. I think this is not fair, no matter if I like her or not.

  2. Anonimo7:46 PM

    yes it often happens that the more famous gets the most attention. It is completely unfair I totally agree. Even though Eva isn't that a big movie star or is she? Anyway, if the pic is from an old photoshoot it doesn't really matter then...

    1. Exactly! From the pictures taken on the set we see Billy/Christina, Bones/Iain and Bully/Matt. I've never said Eva has a small part but she has a supporting role so I suppose the character poster should be with Christina first. Everywhere we read the story talks about Billy, a single mother. Not about Cat (or Diana as reported on wikipedia). This has nothing to do with liking or disliking her. It's been objective.

  3. Anonimo8:15 PM

    Sorry it was a stupid comment... :)

    1. What post? The first one about I dont like eva? As I've said it doesnt matter liking her or disliking her. She has just a supporting role. I'm sorry for Christina and the others who are totally ignored

  4. Anonimo9:22 PM

    yes the first post.
    Promotion hasn't really started so I don't really see why they made this fake poster... It's weird, but you know distributors are weird sometimes. Though this poster is clearly temporary. They probably made it with an old Eva pic because they may not have received yet stills or clips from the film...

    1. Yes, they are. We need to be patient! And hopefully we will have some news in the next weeks.