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Maybe you are asking yourself what this movie has to do to with Ryan and why is in the Charity section.
First: Ryan is the executive producer, that is  the one who enables the making of a commercial entertainment product. He may be concerned with management accounting and/or with associated legal issues (like copyrights or royalties). Generally, he also  contributes to the film's budget and may or may not work on set.
Second: in this section I'm posting everything Ryan did as charity or for social behaviour, including movies that make you think and reflect on our own way of life.

Directed by Noaz Deshe, who is great friend with Ryan (he was also with Dead Man's Bones during their tour and was in talk with Ryan for making a movie about LRA), the movie won in Venice 2013 and got a nomination at Sundance in January 2014.

The movie is the story of Alias, a young albino boy on the run. After witnessing his father’s murder, his mother sends him away to find refuge in the city. He’s brought to the care of his uncle, Kosmos, a truck driver struggling with a few small businesses. In the city, Alias is a quick learner, selling sunglasses, DVDs and mobile phones. He is fond of his uncle’s daughter, Antoinette, although his uncle disapproves. Gradually the city becomes no different than the bush and wherever Alias travels the same rules of survival apply.

You can read the review on Indiewire and watch  the trailer below:


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