Ryan: A Prince or a Poor in Hollywood?

Hello Gosadd,
many of you - maybe - would like to know how many Dollars our beloved Ryan is supposed to earn per year. And few of you - maybe - has the will to google for this.
But I'm here just for this... For avoiding you to do tons and tons of research.

E! Online has reported that this Jonah Hill, for playing as supporting actor in The Wolf of Wall Street (for those of you who doesn't know, Leonardo Di Caprio has the main role), earned a paycheck of "only" $ 60.000.

Well, I don't know you but  talking about me.... for earning so much money I should work for 5 years without spending a penny. But here we want to talk about Ryan and not about Jonah or me...

So let's talk about The Gos!!!!
Do you know the paycheck for Ryan in Half Nelson ???

Our Gos earned $ 1.000,00 per week! The
shooting of the movie was over in only 23 days. So, less than 4 weeks.. 

So Ryan earned about $ 4.000,00 while he earned about $ 1.000.000,00 for being in Fracture.

And per year? Searching on the net you can find many sites with the list of "richest" men.
On The Richest.com I've found the TOP 50 and.. Ryan is not in.
At # 50 is Ben Stiller with $ 120 milions. Scroll down the list: the Olsen Twins are #15, Leo Di Caprio is #25, George Clooney is #33, Tom Cruise is #22..

So, where is Ryan? Well... Definetely Ryan is not a Prince in Hollywood.... According to the same site, our Ryan earns $ 36 milions.
And Eva Mendes? She is a real poor girl... only $ 12 milions while our beloved Rachel McAdams is richer than her: $ 14 milions.

Yes.. I should have been an actress!

Stay Gos


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