Ryan, Jonah, Marc: Disconnect!

Disconnect has been said to be one of the best movie released in 2013 (though the movie was shot in 2012).
It's an indipendent movie and among the actors we find Jason Bateman, Alexander Skarsgaard and Jonah Bobo. Marc Forster is the executive producer of the movie.

Now you are asking yourself: why do you open a post about this movie when Ryan is not in? What's up with him?

Well... If you are GosAddicted as I am you should know Marc Forster directed Stay, the beautiful movie with Ryan (as Henry Letham), Ewan McGregor, Naomi Watts and Bob Hoskins.

And you should also know Jonah Bobo played Robbie Weaver in Crazy Stupid Love.

I always do research, especially now Ryan is quietly working on his movie. And sometimes hard work pays!

As I've said Marc Forster was producer for Disconnect and he was searching for a young actor to play in the movie so he asked Ryan his opinion. And Ryan told him "Jonah Bobo".

I haven't yet seen the movie (maybe tomorrow as the movie has just arrived in our cinemas) but I've been told Jonah is simply great.

And this means that producers and directors have a lot of respect for Ryan's opinion and that he "has flair" for talent.

I'm sure his How to catch a monster will be magnificent.

Stay Gos


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