The Gos and temporary tattoos #1


Hello there GosAdd,
after my previous post on Ryan's real tattoos, here I am now with a post about his "fake" tattoo: those he wore for hi movies.

#1 - The Believer:
Let's start from his very first important  movie: The Believer.
As you all know, Ryan plays Danny Balint, a nazi and a Jew at the same time. The movie is really incredible. It should have been released in cinemas in September 2011 but then, after the Terroristic Attack at the Twin Towers the release was postponed. It also had troubles with the Jew Community (the council of rabbis called the film anti-Semitic). So it was screened on TV in 2002.

The movie opens with Danny doing some weight lifting and his tattoo is there.

Daniel "Danny" Balint is a Jew and a Nazi at the same time

So in The Believer he wore a Swastika.

Note how similar is the symbol with the first letter of the Hebrew Alphabet Aleph, in the corner of this pic.
#2 - Blue Valentine:

After the Believer, we have to wait for Blue Valentine for seeing another "fake" tattoo. Usually, Ryan's real  tattoos are always disguised in his movies but here you can see them all clearly:

During  the movie, as we all know, we can see Young Dean and Cindy and then a second after we see them married with all the troubles a married couple has.
And Dean shows us 3 new tattooes. I've read many articles but I've never read about the tattoos for the movie. So here they are.

The first one is a Heart on his left inner forearm.
I can try to imagine the meaning. This tattoo (also if it's a weird one) could mean the love Dean feels for his wife Cindy and little Frankie.
At the motel, Dean admits he didn't want to get marry but then he met Cindy and he can imagine a life better than the one he is living.

The second one is a female face on his right inner forearm
In the Before image, Dean is at the nursing home while arranging the roome for Walter and we can see his forearm is "clean".
In the After one, Dean is at the motel; we see the face tattooed more than once but it's best visible in the scene when he  grabs the phone (Cindy was gone yet).
Don't you think the face looks like Cindy?

And then the third and last one.
In the "falling in love" scenes we don't see Dean shirtless (not in front, even when in the bedroom with Cindy he is on his right side).
But when at the motel, we can clearly see a tattoo on his chest, upon his heart.
To me it looks like a little hand. Could it be Frankie's hand?

We know how much Dean adore her little one, though he is not the biological father.

#3 - Gangster Squad:

And now Gangster Squad. The movie is based on a true story and Ryan plays Sgt Jerrry Wooters.
Also in this movie, Ryan's real tattoo are disguised though not so well sometimes

 So, his true tattoos are disguised but on his right inner forearm we can clearly see a temporary tattoo:

And this is it! 2 mermaids framed the Ocean. Under them the inscription "Atlantic City". 
Jerry, by his own admission when he met Grace at  the Slapsy Maxie, was shot down over the Pacific. This let us think he was in the Navy Air Force or in Aviation.  
I know that many military have tattooed the symbol of the battalion they are in and I suppose this is the case. Jerry went to War and tattooed himself this and, as in the tattoo there are 2 mermaids, I'd say he was in the Navy. 
Maybe a day  Ryan will tell us more about this.

Well GosAdd, it's all for now. I know I know.. I'm not forgetting Luke Glaton (the most tattooed character in the history of Cinema) but I think he deserves an entire post. Do you agree?

Talk to you soon.
Stay Gos


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  1. I find all of ryan's tattoos really interesting; both the fake and the real ones. I definitely want to see a post about Luke too! :)

    1. it will take me a little time for making that post. Luke has so many tattoos.... ;-)