"Lars....is even more romantic than the Notebook".

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Good Morning GosAdd,
this morning I want to talk with you about a movie that is quite ignored: Lars and the Real Girl.
Have you watched this one? Throw your hands up if you did..... Haven't you????
You HAVE to watch this one. This is one of Ryan's best movie ever, I swear!

The plot: A delusional young guy strikes up an unconventional relationship with a doll he finds on the Internet.

Your thoughts about the movie (after reading the plot): this is a trash!! A young man who sleep with a plastic doll.. This is a porn!

My thoughts about the movie (after having read the plot): "Oh Gos, this sounds so damn ridicolous!".

But I'm the Head in Chief of the GosAddicted  and I couldn't ignore this movie because Ryan is in! So, I went and took it from my public library.
This happened in late 2012. As you know my first time with Ryan had been in June 2012 with The Ides of March and it was love at first sight. And Lars was one of the last movie I've watched.

So, I've watched this movie and at first it was funny.. I mean, this guy Lars is trying to escape from his terrible sister-in-law, he has a pornaddicted in his same office and a colleauge who took her teddy bear at work with her.....
But as the movie went on I was totally blown away. The movie is incredible. It's breathtaking. It's terribly sad. It's something beautiful. Words can't describe properly my feeling while I was watching.

Lars is a lonely guy who have never been loved in all his life. He can't be embrace cause it hurts too much. That's why he tries to avoid is sweet sister-in-law Karin (played by a great Emily Mortimer) who tries her best to  love him. He can't love because he doens't know what love is. He lives all alone in the garage of the house that was of his father's, while Gus (Paul Schneider), his older brother, and Karin live in the main house. No matter how much they try to convince him to move in too... No, he will stay in the garage all by his own. And then Bianca came alone.
Who is her? She is a doll. And Lars gave all his love to her. And though Karin try to be nice to him and her, Gus is very upset. His little brother is totally out of his mind. And he felt guilty for this.
Lars told them Bianca is very ill so they go to the Doctor, Dagmar (Patricia Clarkson), and ......

And! Full stop. I won't tell you more in case you haven't watched it. Here you can watch the official trailer for the movie: 

But I do really suggest you to watch this.

But as usual I talk to much and the reason for this post is another one....
While searching news on Ryan, I've found a beautiful interview he did during Lars' promotion. And I want to share it with you all.

The interview was posted by a UK site, The Londonnet. Ryan talks about his feeling while reading the script by Nancy Oliver:
When I first heard of the idea I though it was funny, but there's no way it can hold up for an entire film. But I was wrong - I was crying by the end of the script.

About how he prepared for the part
To me he seemed like he could be one of my uncles. I had to get rid of all the posturing and ideas of what makes me "cool" or charming, and turn up the more vulnerable parts of myself. 

And then he said this:
Personally I think Lars… is even more romantic than The Notebook. There's something really romantic about a person who chooses to love someone, or something, that can't love them back.

This is beautiful! Love is not about being loved but to give love first. Sometimes we felt guilty when we are in love with someone who doesn't love us back. But it's not our fault. It's a beautiful feeling, no matter what.
And honestly I do think Lars is really more romantic than the Notebook. If we should compare the 2 movies, Gos... The Notebook will not the winner for me: it is a beautiful love story but a love like that isn't real, not for many of us, not for me for sure.

But Lars is so real. Lars is me (or maybe I should say I'm Margo as I'm a female). Lars is what we call a Nerd (in Italian the best word is "sfigato" that you can read as a loser). But is Lars a winner or a loser?  I'm not sure he is a total loser... What do you think?

Stay Gos


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  1. Anonimo2:00 PM

    I love this movie! one of the best. I cryied in this movie because I understand lars and his feelings and for me he is not a loser,ok he looks strange but he is a great person, I would love to have lars as friend

    1. We all are a little like Lars, don't we? So he is not a loser at all for me too. So far one of his best movie by the way.