Ryan and his Lovely Bones

Hello there GosAdd,
this morning I'm  talking to you about Ryan and The Lovely Bones affair.

Many of you will be thinking now: Oh, what are you saying? Shut up please! Even the walls know Mark Wahlberg was in the Lovely Bones movie!!

Ok, you're right. Mark Wahlberg played in the Peter Jackson's movie as Jack Salmon.
But Ryan Gosling was casted before him.

The movie is based on the novel "The Lovely Bones" written by Alice Sebold and it's about a young girl (14 years old) who has been murdered and watches over her family - and her killer - from purgatory. She must weigh her desire for vengeance against her desire for her family to heal.

The director of the movie is Peter Jackson and the actors are Saoirse Ronan (as Susie Salmon, the 14 yo girl raped and murdered), Rachel Weisz (as Abigail Salmon, the mother), Mark Wahlberg (as Jack Salmon, the father) and Stanley Tucci (as George Harvey).

And once again, Jack Salmon should have been played by our beloved Ryan.

Maybe (this is just mine own idea), he was noticed by the producers of TLB after his great interpretation as Dan Dunne in Half Nelson. Don't forget Ryan had a nominee at the Academy in February 2007 and it's not important if you are a winner or a loser. You have had a nominee, that's matter a lot.

Before being in Half Nelson Ryan was quite underrated (well, here in Italy he still is) and he was famous just for being Noah Calhoun in the tearjerker "The Notebook". Few noticed how good he was in Stay or in The Slaughter  Rule. And now you can kill me, I will understand, but if I have to pick up a movie The Notebook wouldn't be my first choice. I've said it!

Anyway let's say that maybe  Ryan was chosen for the role after being nominated for Half Nelson.
At the time Ryan was just 27 years old (the production started in late 2007)  but for playing  the role of Jack Salmon he should look older. I suppose he should appear as a 35/40 yo man, his "daughter" was 14 yo.

We all know  Ryan puts all himself in the character he is supposed to play.
Ryan "fat" at the Lars Premiere 
He has learned Hebrew for The Believer
He has learned to build furnitures for The Notebook.
He has become a different man in Blue Valentine.
He has learned how to repair a car for Drive.
He has learned how to fight in Only God Forgives.

So he tried to become Jack Salmon: he let his beard grown up and he gained 60 lb (about 27/30 kilos).

And in the picture on the side (taken on 3 October 2007 in New York during  "Lars and the Real Girl" premiere) you can see the result.

The day of the shooting Ryan showed up on the set and....
He was fired! Yes, fired! Because he was too fat.

And now things get complicated...

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in 2010, finally, Ryan spoke about the reasons of  his firing (here on the side you can watch the video):

"I was 150 [lb -- 68 kilos] when he [Jackson] hired me and I showed up on the set I was 210 [lb -- 95 kilos]."

And he continues:
"We [Jackson and I] didn't talk very much during the preproduction process, which was the problem. We had a different idea of how the character should look. And I'm just an actor, it's the director's movie. If you can't get on board with his vision, you're going to be secretly sabotaging it. I really believed [the character] should be 210 pounds. I showed up on set, and I had gotten it wrong. I was melting Häagen-Dazs and drinking it when I was thirsty. I really believed in it. I was excited about it. Then I was fat and unemployed."

And this is Ryan version.

But as I'm trying to be objective, I'm reporting also what Fran Walsh (Jackson's wife and collaborator) said:
"Ryan came to us two or three times and said, 'I'm not the right person for this role. I'm too young. And we said, 'No, no, no. We can age you up. We can thin your hair.' We were very keen.
 It wasn't until we were in preproduction and we had the cast there that it became increasingly clear: He was so uncomfortable moving forward, and we began to feel he was not right. It was our blindness, the desire to make it work no matter what."

Personally, I don't think Ryan could be worried for not being the right age... Anyway in the end Mark Wahlberg - who ended the shooting for "E Venne il Giorno" just in time for jumping in The Lovely Bones... - took Ryan's place as Jack Salmon.
This is the story as we know it. But before greeting you, I post here a trivia I've found on the IMDb Site (that is a serious site)
From the IMDB: Mark Whalberg was Jackson's first choice
Now, what do you think?

Stay Gos


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  1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that doesn't really like The Notebook very much... To be honest, I only watched it because i was already a fan of Ryan's. I don't understand why it is still Ryan's most recognized film.

    And also, I haven't seen the Lovely Bones, but I heard that it was disappointing. Maybe it's a good thing Ryan was fired since it seems like it was a flop movie. Then again, maybe Ryan would have made it better.

    1. The Notebook is not a bad movie but let's be honest. It's quite a dream movie. A love like that doesn't exist for real. And it was based on a celeb Nicholas Sparks novel. Many persons love love movies and books and ignore many others better movie. I watch The Notebook but it's not Drive. As for The Lovely Bones I'm curious and I want to see it :-)