"Only God Forgives" from Japan to Denmark.

Hello GosAdd,
This post is for a couple of brief updates on Only God Forgives. It's not a mistake: I'm talking about the last Nicolas and Ryan's movie that was booed and whistled at Cannes in the morning, that had a standing ovation at Cannes in the evening, that won the Sidney Film Festival... Nicolas wanted to divide audience and he did it!

You all know what I think about this movie: a Masterpiece.

But here it's the first update.

Yesterday, finally after months, also Japanese fans had their chance to watch the movie.

For what I could understand from the Official Japanese Page on Facebook (sorry, I can't speak Japanese and I had to use Google translate) the movie had good reviews by the press.

And this is a very good beginning.
Now we have to wait for the audience's opinion.

Besides our Nicolas Winding Refn is in Japan at the moment promoting his movie.. And dont forget there were rumors about a movie to be shot in Tokio with Mads Mikkelsen.

The second update is about a Danish prize: The Robert Award, that is taking place in this very moment. The Robert statue is awarded each year by the Film Academy of Denmark and is the Danish equivalent of the American Oscars (but Hollywood has no voice here!).

Anyway, the movie had 6 nominations:
--> Nicolas Winding Refn had his nominee as Best Director;
--> Kristin Scott Thomas had her nominee as best actress for her role (Crystal);
--> Cliff Martinez had his nominee for best Soundtrack;
--> Beth Mickle had her nominee for best scenographer;
--> Larry Smith had his nominee for best photography;
--> Kristian Selin Eidnes Andersen had his nominee for best Sounddesigner.

And the movie WON 3 out 6: Martinez, Andersen and Smith are the winners.

This is a great score. The movie is amazing, the scenes... the sounds. Everything is amazing. I love the musics though they are unusual to our ears. Don't forget the story is set in Bangkok. So Martinez added some Thai sound to his work,
This is what he said in an interview with Indiewire:

With 'Only God Forgives,' I started to listen to a lot of Thai country and western. The list of collaborators is leaning toward the dancey with electronic/house dude Gregory Tripi and club thumpin' producer Mac Quayle on board, with actors Vithaya Pansringarm and Ratha Phongam also getting some cuts.

If you are interested, here you can read all the winners.
That's all for now. 

Stay Gos


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  1. Excellent post!!! did not know about those Danish awards. I'm so glad to hear Martinez won for best Soundtrack. Such a stunningly beautiful movie it is, more like a fine piece of Art actually.
    Thanks for keeping us updated. love x


    1. Thanks. I'm happy you liked my post. I do agree with you about the movie to be art. And for this it divides. :-)