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I was googleing around the web searching for infos about How To Catch a Monster (still no news, sorry) and about the Untitled Terrence Malick Project (UTMP).

Talking about the second, I read too often in too many articles the movie is named "Lawless" and the shooting should start in a while.

1 - The movie is not called Lawless anymore. Lawless is a different movie shot by John Hillcoat starring Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy, Jessica Chastain and Guy Pearce among the others.

At the beginning Malick named his own movie this way but then (well, that's what I've read) Hillcoat wanted to name his own movie  too and asked Malick the permission. Our Terry (who seems to be a fan of Hillcoat) has kindly accepted. And for what we know at the moment the movie is still without a name. That's why Untitled TM Project.

in Tixkokob, 14 Nov 2012
in Tixkokob,14 Nov 2012
2 - The shooting should start in a while.. Really?? Yes I've read also this.. Well, the shooting is totally done. Malick started shooting the movie in Austin on August 2011 (with Bale - who has already announced he could be cut out - and Portman), then it went on in November during the Fun Fun Festival (from 1 to 4 November) with Ryan and Rooney Mara.
Then again from August 2012 til early November 2012 in Austin and few days in Yucatan (Mexico) in the towns of Merida, Izamal and Uman.

Fun Fun Festival - 1/4 November 2011

All we need now is a lot of patience for the release. At the moment the movie is still in post-prodution.

In the meantime, enjoy some pictures (from my Facebook UTMP Album)

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  1. Anonimo3:48 PM

    The information about Malick on the wikipedia page of UTMP (with your article as reference) has been deleted... I'm not sure of that, but Malick may well be in the US at the moment (I have a sort of proof of that though not completely sure, but I can't really show it). So whether he's back from wherever he was, or he never left and was always in the US. I know your source was reliable though, but all this might mean that post production has reached a new stage... What do you think?

    1. Well, maybe they've decided to delete the article because this is just a fan blog and there is no official info about Malick being out of the US. Or maybe he is now back in the US. Don't forget this article was written on early December (the same day I had the info).
      I've tried to ask FilmNation but nobody answered :-(

  2. Anonimo5:38 PM

    Well, I hope you can get in touch with source again in the future...
    I had another news which doesn't concern Ryan directly. Apparently Haley Bennett will sing some songs in the film (as she's also a singer in real life), so I thought maybe Ryan will sing too... It's pure speculation though... :)

    1. I'm always in touch with my source. But i can't tell everything I know ;-)
      Also Florence from Florence and The Machines plays in the movie. Honestly the movie is set in the Austin music scene. So maybe yes Ryan could also sing. Hope so. Ryan has a beautiful voice. :-)

  3. Anonimo12:24 AM

    I know there are plenty of musicians who worked on that film.
    That's too bad you can't tell everything you know... I wonder why you can't? The owner of the Terrence Malick facebook page also has sources apparently but never shares nothing, or just one info here and there. I wish I would just stop being interested in that film until it's released, it's too frustrating... Anyway, I hope you will share a few informations you know someday ;-)

    1. The facebook page is abandoned. Everywhere you turn you find nothing about the movie. And you know I'll share everything I could :-)

  4. Anonimo1:09 PM

    :) Until more news, I'm going to forget a little bit about it, as the wait may last for one more year, or even more...:(

    1. Yes. Malick takes too much time... At the more I'm more interested about How to catch a monster who could be premiered in Cannes

  5. Anonimo3:36 PM

    yes I hope this one goes to Cannes too!