It happened again: no nominee for Ryan @ the Academy.

So my beloved,
few minutes ago there have been The Academy Awards Announcement (the Oscars).

And as I've said before RYAN HAS NO NOMINEES.

I do remind you Ryan could only have a nominee as Best Supporting Actor for the role of Luke Glanton in The Place Beyond The Pines.
But it wasn't a surprise. Ryan hadn't a nominee for Blue Valentine and  Drive, so why could we have hoped for him to be in this year?

Anyway, are you curious in knowing who are the nominees???
Here they are:

No, it's not a mistake. These are not the Golden Globes but the Oscars'.

Always the same actors, the same actresses, the same movies. It's so boring!
There have been many movies in 2013 but to every single award we can find always the same names!

If you want to know all the Nominees, just go to the Official Site by clicking here.

Let's wait and see if Ryan will win the Satellite Award (see my previous post here) who will be held in Los Angeles on 9th March.

That's all.

Stay Gos


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  1. I'm so annoyed that Ryan wasn't nominated.. I was hoping to see him at the oscars. His performance in the place beyond the pines is definitely worthy of an oscar.

    1. I was sure he wouldn't have. The movie was released earlier in 2013 and for these awards they quite always select movies from September..