And now "Bones" speaks about the movie.....

Hey Gosadd,
how are you doing? Have you had a nice start? 

So, this morning I was googling for How To Catch a Monster and finally I've found an article.. It's an interview taken with Iain De Caestecker who plays Bones.

He talks about few things and also about the movie:
"It’s about this family who live in this idyllic white-picket-fence town, which has started to disintegrate. Everything is now falling apart and they’re trying to hold on to this idea of the American dream. It follows them as they try to find ways to overcome their struggles. We improvised a lot during filming and I still haven’t seen it yet so I don’t know how it will be."

And he said a little about Ryan too

Ryan Gosling was amazing. He was such a personable guy without any pretentiousness.
There was a great deal of trust between him and the actors. He’s a very special person.
I was a bit overawed when I met him for the first time but because of how he is I got over that very quickly. He doesn’t carry that air around with him, that thing of knowing how huge he is."

And in the article it's also written the movie is expected to hit the theatres in Summer.
So, fingers crossed.

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