The Monster Hunt? It opens in October... Maybe.

Hello GosAdd,
As you can clearly see by the pic above I'm writing about a little new I've just found out on How to catch a monster.

As you know at the moment this movie is still a mistery. 
  • We just know who the actors are.
  • We know the plot. 
  • We know about the chance (still unofficial and hopefully true) Dead Man's Bones are in the Soundtrack (just in case, don't forget this date : 6 June 2014 and these words: Witch Stories).
  • We know Johnny Jewel helped making the music..
And now Johnny tells us a great new that has been ignored so far.

On Urban Outfitters has appeared an interview with him and this is what he said:

The project I'm most excited for outside of the bands is this film I'm scoring that was written by Ryan Gosling. It's his first feature-length as a director. He's not in it. It stars Christina Hendricks, Saoirse Ronan, Ben Mendelsohn, and the dude that plays Doctor Who [Matt Smith]. He's crazy, he's the villain. He's really disturbing, and psychotic. He has a shaved head, and he wears this gold lamé jacket and drives around with a beat up chair on top of a convertible in dying Detroit. The soundtrack is incredible. We've been working on it since February. It's gonna come out in October, and it's gonna be really cool. This French cinematographer shot it, so it's absolutely gorgeous if you like beautiful but strange cinema. 

Just for your aknowledge, the French cinematographer  is Benoît Debie.
But the new is in the month. He said October and we're in January... So we should have to wait still 9 months!!!

On the IMDb site is still reported 19 June (The Netherland) but we know that is just an indicative
Detroit, MI - May 2013 - Ryan Gosling & Iain De Caestecker
(Bones) on set.
date and ha no real meaning.

The official German page announced the movie could be  out in Mid 2014 (read here their announce).

My wish is the movie will be premiered in Cannes (Un Certain Regard selection) as rumored and soon after release in the old Europe first though my hopes are quite lost after this.

Maybe Ryan & Co are planning to premiered the movie in Toronto at Tiff in September.

We need to be very patient.

Stay tuned for more news to come.

Stay Gos


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  1. It's interesting that Benoît Debie is the cinematographer.. I've seen some of the films that he's worked on, and they were pretty amazing visually, so that makes me even more intrigued by How to Catch a Monster.
    I really hope it comes out sooner than 9 months though..

    1. I hope the same too.. I still hope for Cannes. I can't resist 9 months!

  2. Sylvia Gosling3:43 PM

    Hi Ale, it's me, Sylvia from FB ;-)
    I read the new only now... and I'm half excited, half frustrated to have to wait until october.... I was so sure it would be out this late springtime or summer :-(
    I also wanted to react about something you said : even if a movie is out in october, it doesn't mean that it can't be in Cannes ! It often happens actually that a movie is presented at the festival but we won't be able to see it in theaters before automn... Remember Drive ! It was at Cannes and (at least in France) it's been out in september or october, I can't remember...
    So it's not impossible at all that HTCAM would be presented at the festival and out a few months later for the public ;-)

    1. Hello there darling. Oh but I've written that I still have few hopes for Ryan to be in Cannes. It may be the movie will be out earlier here in Europe. It scares me the promotion... to promote a movie you need money and to premiere the movie here in May and then again in the US in October... it should be very expensive. Ryan has had incentive by MIchigan for making the movie. Maybe he has having money troubles. Who knows.