And what about the OST of the Movie?

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For those who are following my Facebook Page what I'm about to write now is not a new. But, maybe, for others it is.

So, in my previous post on How To Catch a Monster I've written about the plot, the cast and the Festivals where the movie could be premiered (still believe the movie will be at next Cannes Festival).

I've also written about the chance (as it is not a rumor: it is not official yet but is it really likely to be true) Dead Man's Bones will be released a new album (we have a date - 6th June 2014 - and a title - Witch Stories - ) to be in the OST of the movie. For what I've been told the songs have been recorded in Iceland last summer. But you can read more here, if you like.

Anyway, I was telling... Yes, this post is about the music to be in the movie or better say it is about who helped Ryan with the movie. Yes, it's better like this.

As I've told you this information has already been posted on my Facebook page on 23 July 2013  and I've decided to open post for finding it easily than on Facebook.

Do you remind Tick of  the Clock by Chromatics? No? Well, this is Tick of the Clock:

Now you recognize the song right??? It was in the Drive OST.  Behind Chromatichs is Johnny Jewel. And back in July he did an interview appeared on and the day after also on and he admitted to be involved in the HTCAM soundtrack and said how he and Ryan met:
 "It’s more doo-wop, disintegrated rockabilly mixed in with industrial sounds. So we’ve been listening to a lot of Alan Vega and the Shangri-La’s." 
And he described how he met the Gos in Los Angeles:
"He seems to be pretty shy, so he wasn’t coming up and talking to us. I finally met him in 2010 when all of the Drive people were out in L.A. and they were about to start shooting there was a Chromatics and Glass Candy show, and they came. I met [Gosling] and didn’t even know who he was."
Are you now curious??? I am!!! On my You Tube Channel I've already created this How To Catch a Monster Playlist where you can find videos from set and interview taken with Saoirse Ronan and Matt Smith and also few old songs that could be in the movie and one of them is by Shangri-La. 

That's all for now. 

Have a nice week-end and Stay Gos. 


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