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Who is John Prendergast??
Born on March 21, 1963, John Prendergast is an American human rights activist, author, and former Director for African Affairs at the National Security Council. He is the co-founder of the Enough Project, a nonprofit human rights organization affiliated with the Center for American Progress.

With the Enough Project, he has helped create a number of initiatives and campaigns. With George Clooney, he helped launch the Satellite Sentinel Project, which aims to prevent conflict and human rights abuses through satellite imagery. With Tracy McGrady and other NBA players, he co-founded the Darfur Dream Team: Sister Schools Initiative to fund schools in Darfurian refugee camps and
create partnerships with schools in the United States.
He helped launch two campaigns under Enough: the Raise Hope for Congo Campaign with the help among others of our Ryan, highlighting the issue of conflict minerals, and Sudan Now, focused on bringing peace to that embattled country.

With the Enough Project  Ryan visited Uganda in 2007 and eastern Congo in 2010.

Our Ryan, along with John, wrote an article about his trip to Congo that was published on the Global Post.

Unfortunately, we missed the video Ryan did of this experience, uploaded by Ryan himsef on his Vimeo Channel that now it's closed.

Ryan travelled in Congo in December 2010 with John Prendergast and Enough field analyst Fidel Bafilemba (who took the picture you can see in this article) to eastern Congo.
During their visit to Goma and other areas of North Kivu province, Ryan met with civil society organizations, human rights defenders, and survivors of the ongoing violent conflict, the deadliest in the world. Through the collection of original video footage Gosling intends to cast a spotlight on their stories of courage, survival, and hope.
Ryan was t at Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2011 and he brought a little piece of the original footage he took while in Africa and talked about it. The video has been removed, only the dance piece remained. Maybe talking about a serious stuff like that could hurt someone sensibility.


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