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Campus Progress was launched in February 2005 and renamed Generation Progress in July 2013, was an American non-profit organization that promoted progressive political and social policy through support for student activists and journalists on college campuses in the United States.

Based at the Center for American Progress in Washington, D.C., Generation Progress has an affiliated advocacy organization, Generation Progress Action.
On 26th June 2007 a Campus Progress National Student Conference was held at the Washington Hyatt on Capitol Hill. Ryan and John Prendergast (during the Uganda Panel)  invited persons to go at the Conference. And Ryan was the funny guy as usual.... Ryan wasn't present at the conference in 2007 but he got there in 2008 for the panel "Confronting Genocide and Mass Atrocities" This is what Ryan said about his experience:
"For some reason, there's an interest in what people who do what I do have to say. I don't particularly have that much to say . . . but I do have these experiences that I can relay. I'm honored to have these experiences."
Ryan was present with  John Prendergast and African activists Betty Bigombe (senior at the US Institute of Peace) and Omer Ismail, playing interviewer and letting them tell the stories. Ryan also playfully flirted with Betty Bigombe, praising her beauty until she in return joked how handsome he was. On the Flickr's Project Enough there are some  pictures of the event  
Here you can watch a couple of  videos (Ryan and John Prendergast)


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