Hey Girl! What's the weather?

Hey Girl,what's the weather like today???

No No I'm not out of my mind, not yet honestly…

This is just the name of a new app created for the IPhone available on the Apple Store and I mean… this is really funny.

This is the one I've got on my iPhone:
You can manage the Quotes and the Pics.
Add your own pics, create your own quotes (you have to download an upgrade for $ 0,99) and change the pictures by downloading the Ryan's Theme (you have to buy another upgrade and I've paid for it  $ 0,99 and it's just few pics mostly with Ryan and Rachel, a couple with Eva and also with his mom.. anything special).
You can choose the photo for every kind of weather (snow, rain, sun….)

So, what are you waiting for?

It's Free! It's funny!! It's RYAN GOSLING

Have a good Xmas'Eve my beloved.


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