Golden Globes 2014 miss Ryan

Hello GosAdd,

the Golden Globe Org has announced the nominees and... guess what??
No trace of Ryan Gosling and/or The Place Beyond the Pines.

Well, this is not a great new. I was sure they wouldn't be in but still it hurts.

Ok, the movie wasn't as beautiful as Blue Valentine. but Ryan's interpretation of Luke Glanton was magnificent.
Do you recall what James Franco wrote on his Huffington Post blog?

"The rest of the film is great, but the following two sections can’t hope to burn with the same intensity of the Gosling section, they’re not designed that way. It’s not the actors’ faults, it’s just that Gosling was cast as the shooting star, and he sucked up all the oxygen. I could watch that first section over and over and over and over. Because it portrays a character who is beautiful because he has a ticking clock around his neck, he’s every James Dean-style kid, every burning hot rock star, Lenny Bruce mother, who speaks with his motorcycle and his style: the intelligence of style and behavior. A behavioral and sartorial genius."

 If you're interested, you can see here the list of the nominees.

Stay Gos


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