The never ending story of the UTMP

Hello GosAdd,
Just now I've found out this interview taken by Anne Thompson (do you remind her?? She did an amazing interview with Ryan in Cannes back in 2011) with Christian Bale who stars in The Hustle with Bradley Cooper.
And she asked him about the Malick movies he did: Knight of Cups and the Untitled Terrence Malick Project.

This is what he said:

What's going on with the two Malick films?
With "Knight of Cups" I was there the whole time. The other one I unfortunately wasn't able to do everything I was meant to do, so I ended up doing like three, four days on that. Which in Terry's world means you're never going to see me in it.

Do you think "Knight of Cups" is heading toward some kind of finish? Are they asking you to do post-production sound or anything like that?
Yeah. I've been doing that for months. Terry is on fire. They're both going to get finished. There's no doubt about it. WHEN, I can't tell you. But they're both going to get finished. He's just lit up. He's possessed.

For what I know Malick is hidden far away from the Usa and nobody knows what he is doing and what he will do in the future.

Few months ago a tweet appeared saying Knigh of cups should be premiered in C. (Read Cannes) and the Untitled may be in Venice or Toronto.

Hopefully we could have the movie by the end of 2014.

That's all

Enjoy your week-end.


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  1. Anonimo3:33 PM

    Thanks for the news. It sounds like Malick is out of control... I don't know if it's good for the film. He seems to be a very unpredictable person. How is it possible that no one knows what he's doing? His producers and team must know, right? I'm scared that it's a long time before we have any news:(

    1. Honestly I don't know what to say and what to think. He is this way, take him or leave him. Besides, usually, he doesn't do any promotion and the actors are there on their own. It's a weird way to act but we can't do anything else but wait for him and his movie.

    2. Anonimo6:08 PM

      Are you still in touch with your source? Will he/she give you more updates on this film? Thanks:)

    3. I'm always in touch with my sources... But there is no news about this movie. Malick is a very reserved man :-(

  2. Anonimo11:43 AM

    Thanks! I hope it's released in 2014 at least, so that we don't have to wait too much.

    1. Rumors on twitter want the movie to be premiered in Venice or Toronto.. I keep my finger crossed!

    2. Anonimo3:47 PM

      I seriously hope it's true. I think they announce Venice selection in late july. Not that long from now...
      But 2 Malick movies released in one year seems strange... unless the 2 movies are linked...

    3. There is a chance (of course everything is just a thought as we are talking about Malick) that this movie could be the third of a trilogy.
      The first was To The Wonder, the second should be Knigts of Cup and then this one should be the third (in Kof and in the UTMP we have Portman, Bale and Blanchett thought Bale himself said he won't appear in the third as he shot just few scenes and knowing Malick... he should be cut off).
      Then I've read there could be a link between Olga Kurylenko character in To The Wonder with Rooney Mara (siblings?)
      I repeat.. these are just thoughts. Nobody knows what Malick is doing or thinking.
      We just have to be patient.

    4. Anonimo6:25 PM

      The idea of a trilogy is interesting, I thought about it too just because all those films are set in modern time, unlike his previous films. And because Bale was Malick's first choice for To The Wonder, but he dropped out and was replaced by Affleck...
      And Kurylenko and Mara's characters being linked is very interesting too...
      I can't wait to know more about this...:)

    5. I'm so curious too.. Besides there is no script at all as Ryan himself said. :-(

    6. Anonimo2:05 PM

      Yes, Malick doesn't even bother writing a script anymore. It's probably going to be in the same vein as To The Wonder, not much story, not much dialogue...
      Btw, have you seen this tweet saying Ryan and Eva just bought a house in Austin! Do you think it's a true info? He may have liked the city a lot while he was there filming...

  3. I've just read the tweet... honestly I dont think it could be true but I'm not living with Ryan. Besides there is no pic of them together in Austin.. Besides... Why Austin? We'll see about this. From the ouside they don't seem to be happy together (well few pics I've seen) and they din't match well (to my eyes) but it's his private life. He can do what he thinks is good for him.
    Talking about Malick's movie... I've just watched Days oh Heaven and The Thin Red Line and they are both beautiful. I haven't yet watched To The Wonder but I love movies with few dialogues. And i do hope Malick will give us this movie this year.

    1. Anonimo4:16 PM

      Twitter isn't very reliable, so this is probably untrue.
      I'm probably the only one but I like him with Eva. She seems to be a cool person. I can't see him back with R. McAdams. She's lovely but this is the past and tbh I find her quite boring as an actress, never been a fan, but I hate romantic movies, so that's probably the reason why... I could see him though with girls like Eva Green or Rooney Mara, girls who are not just lovely, but with a tough side too (if it makes sense). I don't know if he got along well with Rooney on set but they seem to have good chemistry just from the photos.

    2. I don't hate Eva, don't misunderstand me. It's just that.... When I see them together... there's something wrong. But as long as he is happy.... Anyway, I can't tell much about this. I try to avoid to speak about this because I could say something I couldn't say. Better shut up! And as you said, I don't believe a word about he and Rachel to be together again. Ryan himself said once the ship has gone... it's over. I don't know about he and Rooney on set. Ryan seems to be a simple person who really loves what he does and he seems to get along well with everyone around him. Of course, it's just a thought :-)

    3. Anonimo3:04 PM

      Ryan and Rachel looked perfect together and it didn't last... The facade doesn't always reflect the truth... Him and Eva don't look to be very in love in public, but it doesn't mean they don't love each other. He's probably very protective of his love life now. I think with Rachel he made the mistake of giving too much to people (like the MTV best kiss awards thing). He was young. Now I'm sure he would never do that again... And I think it's better that way...:)

    4. Surely there wasn't something wrong with Rachel. Infact I can't understand why persons keep wanting them together again...For the rest... I don't speak.. I prefer not to comment.
      May I ask you a thing about my blog? Do you like the new style? Do you think it's easy to find stuff on the blog? Thanks

    5. Anonimo5:14 PM

      I think your blog is great. It's clear, easy to search and pleasant to read. The banner is maybe a little too simplistic, but maybe you wanted it uncomplicated on purpose. Your blog is really cool! ;-)

    6. Thanks! I've tried to ask about it on my Facebook page but I had no answers :-( yes the banner is just essential. Thanks again for following and commenting <3

    7. Anonimo8:09 PM

      :-) Thanks to you too!