Will we catch this Monster??

Hello GosAdd,
it's Friday and soon this working week will be over. Hope everything's fine with you.

November has entered in its last decade and soon December will arrive. Personally, I wish it is already 4th december  but hey, I can't travel across  time. So I have to wait.
Wait for what? 
On 4th December 2013 there will be the official announcemente of the movies in competition at next Sundance Film Festival, that will take place in Park City (Utah, USA) from 16 to 26 January.

Of course I haven't a crystal ball and I can't be sure about this  but Sundance is  the most important festival for the Indipendent movies (Ryan has been there many  times so far) and I have the feeling he will be there presenting his baby, that is How To Catch a Monster.

There are many different movies festivals around the world and Sundance is just the first of the year but the most important are for sure Berlin (February) and of course Cannes (May).
 And, again, there are many chances his movie will enter  "Un Certain Regard" Selection.

After Cannes the movie will surelly hit our theatres. Don't forget IMDb still has a release date for the 19th June 2014 in The Netherlands and the official HTCAM  German  page on facebook has announced the movie will hit the theatres in Mid 2014.

So, let's wait for the Sundance first and then we will know more.

Stay Gos


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