The party is now over...

Good Morning my beloved
so Ryan's birthday is now over and now he is 33 years old. Still a young man!
I don't know how many of you who are reading now this post are following me on my Facebook page. And even if you do, maybe you've lost some post as yesterday, I have to be honest, I exxagerated a bit.. just a little bit.....
How many years now?? 33.
And this is the numbers of links I've posted on the page to celebrate the event. I've told you: exxagerated!

Unfortunately, everything you post on facebook is soon forgotten, so I've decided to create this post so you all can see them and find them easily also in the future.
I'm starting from the first one I've posted, of course. Here we go! Click on "Link #" to see whay you've missed.

Link #1:  Ok, the first link is nothing special. Just a pic of Ryan as Julian posted on the Facebook page of the Italian distributor of Only God Forgives.

Link #2:  A beautiful picture taken in Cannes in 2011. Ryan wore his blue tuxedo. 

Link #3:  Though in Italy it's very difficult reading something about Ryan, this Italian site wrote few lines remembering Ryan raised as a Mormon and all his movies so far.
Link #4:   Cosmopolitan Australia wishes Ryan a happy birthday by posting 15 pictures of him.

Link #5:   Also on Tumbrl many bloggers wish Ryan a happy birthday.

Link #6:   Popsugar posted few pictures from his celeb movies. So we can see Ryan as Noah or Driver or Jacob.

Link #7:  A song!! The House Band made a song to celebrate Ryan!

Watch the Video HERE

Link #8:  Another Birthday Card from one of my Friend Pages on Facebook: I Love Cinema.

Link #9:  and this one from the official Nicholas Sparks Italian Page on Facebook..  Ryan played Noah so.... 

Link #10:  Daily Mail wished Ryan with 33 pictures...

Link #11:  .. while Buzzfeed gave us 14 reasons for loving Ryan. Well, I don't need them to say me why... but they're always soooo funny!!

Link #12:  and don't forget Ryan played LUKE in The Place Beyond the Pines.
The Official Facebook Page celebrated him too.
Link #13: After posting the message a day earlier, Perez Hilton wished Ryan again the right day!

 Link #14: Many wishes also from the Huffington Post, baby!

 Link #15: And EliteDaily posted 33 gifs to "renforce your love".

Link #16: All the world remembered it was Ryan's Day... Spindle Magazine...

Link #17: ... Holy Moly..

Link #18: On Vanity Fair also a Poem for him:
 This is the first lines: 
O, 33 years ago to the day, He emerged from the womb of Canada
Squally, snowy neighbor
In cooler climes, 33 days hence
It snows again 
For him...

Link #19: Also in Brazil Ryan is known and celebrated

Link #20: and VH1 had a very ogirinal idea. Ryan turns 33 years old.. Also his eyebrows! So they celebrated his eyebrows!

Link #21:  Italy, again.... Il Cinemaniaco wishes Happy Birthday Ryan.

Link #22:  and Germany too.

Link #23: Heat World celebrated Ryan with 33 pictures.

Link #24: and this Blog decided to post old videos of a young Gos.

Link #25: And we can't forget the social networks: Instagram

Link #26: and Twitter

Link #27: Yahoo

Link #28:  Grazia UK

Link #29: Buzzfeed is back again and explains us why Ryan should never, ever google himself.

Link #30: Hollywood Take tells us 5 shocking facts... Well, we all know them already, honestly....

Link #31: Also Harper Bazaar want to play with us. Again, 33 pictures (the best according them) of our  Ryan

Link #32: Independent UK decides to celebrates Ryan with the best Hey Girl! Memes 

Link #33: and in the end... THE BEST ONE.. Ok, maybe it's not the best one but it's original... It's Raining Ryans on ASOS.. All you have to do is click on 

and you will see this..

This is all the LINKS I've posted on my facebook page.
Plus, if you're curious, you can read the messages my GosAdd wrote to Ryan 
Read the WISH to Ryan  HERE
I hope you enjoyed the Party!

Stay Gos


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