Searching for Love?

Good Morning my Gosadd,
Have you ever covered the walls of your town for your beloved and  lost puppy???

Well, Isabella did! But instead of searching for her  beloved dog she is looking for her beloved boyfriend!
And now you could ask me: Who is Isabella??? And why should I care about her lost?

Isabella is an English woman - we don't know anything else about her - who hanged all over London posters of Ryan Gosling (her lost boyfriend) with a  phone number to call.

Well, we already know there are these posters around the world (in Detroit while he was shooting Htcam or more recently also in Berlin) but this time is TRUE!

I mean, the phone number is active and not a fake! 
This girl is really looking for Ryan (or someone similar). I don't know if she is making this for fun or because she is really searching for a boyfriend.

You can find her posters in the bathrooms, in front of shops, everywhere!
If you call the number, this is her message:
 Hi this is Isabella, if you think you are my lost boyfriend just leave a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can, thanks, bye.
 She runs a blog on Tumblr where she posts all the updates (texts, phone calls and pictures).

What else can I say? I wish her luck for finding a real boyfriend.

Stay Gos


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