Half Nelson and Wrestling

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Today I want to talk with you about Half Nelson. Ryan had a nomination for the Academy Award for this incredible movie. If you haven't watched it so far, let me say that you can't miss it.

We all know what the story is about:
Dan Dunne is an addicted History Teacher in a NY school and becomes friend with one of his student, Drey (Audrey) played by Shareeka Epps.

One of the best scene in the movie is when Drey finds Dan in the bathroom...

Did you know that the scene was a Ryan's idea? 
Yes, he asked to improvise a scene he thought it could be good for the movie… and the scene is the one above. But this post is not for talking about the movie but about the title of the movie. HALF NELSON…  My first thought when I've found out about his movie was the name of Ryan's character was Half Nelson and it was a big surprise when I've realized he is named Dan Dunne.. 
So what's the meaning of Half Nelson? 

Let's ask help to Urban Dictionary:

So, Half Nelson is a position of wrestling….. Interesting, right? 

But still.. what does it matter with the movie? 
Well, I think the meaning is quite simple in the end. 
Dan Dunne is an addicted teacher. So he is fighting against Drugs and honestly he can't save himself. He said he could stop whenever he want but this is not true. Dan is fighting with drug and drug is winning over him. Drug is keeping Dan down with a arm pressed against his back. 
Do you agree with this? Let me know, thanks.

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