In the beginning it was a Mormon Talent….

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We are in later 1991 and Ryan was just a kid.A kid who already wanted to be someone in the world. In his dreams, he wasn't like his parents and relatives…

No, he didn't want to work at the paper mill in Cornwall. He wanted to be someone. He had an older sister, his mom, his dad but he didn't want to live there in that way...

A year ago a video was released on You Tube shows two nice and blonde kids. He sings "When a man loves a woman" and then they both dance on "Gonna make you sweat (Everybody dance now)".

The kids wore similar clothes: an orange and blue shirt and black pants (MC Hammer kind, homemade by an aunt) the guy and a black skirt the girl.
The kids are Ryan and Mandi Gosling. And it was their first public exhibition during a Mormon Talent (because you all know Ryan grew up as Mormon, right?).

This video was founded under the dust in a garage by those who took it back in 1991.
Ryan danced in such a way…. He had charm even as a kid..

Take a look at the video.


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