Ryan and Michael share a threesome... wait wait wait..... WHAT????

Good Morning GosAdd
today is All Saints Day so best wishes to all of you

Yesterday, a friend told me an interesting thing about the Malick movie.
There are soooo few infos about it and Malick is well hidden in the world and the movie is still in post producion  (C'mon, Terrence... give us a sign... a title.... a video!!) and every single thing I hear about it makes me feel so so so happy... 
Anyway, she told me a friend of her has read something few time ago and NOW we've got it!

As you know there are big names in the Untitled Terrence Malick Project...
Surely  Ryan, Rooney Mara, Michael Fassbender, Christian Bale, Cate Blachett, Natalie Portman (we all have seen the pics of them).. and rumored Benicio del Toro and Berenice Marlowe.

Late in March one of the actor in the movie, Clifton Collins Jr, released an interview with ETOnline for a new movie and he was asked: 
There have been rumors that Fassbendere and Gosling share a threesome in that movie. What can you say about its sexual content?
And this is his answer:
Oh yeah, the whole thing is very sexual. It's definitely led to some moments of me wondering "where the hell I am?" I mean Benicio and Fassbender are there while Natalie is looking sexy and this beautiful woman is straddling me.

Besides, how can we forget the stolen picture from the set in Mexico...
Fassy gives Ryan a nice massage in Mexico - 15 Nov 2012
And asking here and there I was confirmed a threesome scene has been shot.

All we have to do now is waiting patiently for this movie and praying the scene (and the actors) are all in the final cut!!!

Are you going to watch it??
I'm already at the cinema!!!!

Have a nice day and Stay Gos


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  1. Anonimo1:45 PM

    That's a good news! Thank you!
    Sorry to insist again, but can you give some more details on where Malick is hiding? I suppose he wasn't in Iceland with Ryan... Is he in Mexico, Canada, Tahiti??:-P. Can you say at least on what continent, or if it's a cold or a hot country... If it's near the US or far away... Sorry to bother you.

    1. ooohhhhh you want to know too much boy.. I can't tell you where he is because I can't…. He is very very far from US and Europe :-) I won't say more sorry

  2. Anonimo3:46 PM

    ok, sorry again to have insisted;-) and I hope your friend keeps telling you little information like this :-)

    1. Don't worry :-). Anyway i will post news as soon as I know them. Be sure!