Drive.. how much I love this movie.

Hello GosAdd
Ryan is still missing somewhere (though I'm sure he is in LA and I'm still waiting for the big announce of the Sundance!! Because I really hope Ryan would premiere his How To Catch A Monster in Park City next January) so what can we do?

As for me, I'm having  good times watching his movies in the evening as Italian Tv offer is really a poor poor one.

So, after watching Stay on Monday evening (great great movie... I've just ordered the UK uncut version as I had the regular Italian dvd) yesterday I've decided to watch (again, as I'm totally obsessed by) Drive.

Drive is something incredible. The first time I've watched it I was like: "well, so what?". I couldn't decide if I liked it or not. But I couldn't stop thinking about it (don't forget, I've started following Ryan in Mid 2012 after watching Ides of March and Drive was my 3rd movie with him and the 1st by Nicolas WR) so I've watched it twice few days after and....

Gos!!! That movie has opened my eyes on a new kind of making movies and acting.

Before discovering Ryan I used to watch movies like Indiana Jones  or the Stallone and Schwarzenegger kind or  My Big Fat Greek Wedding kind. 
Then a friend lent me The Ides of March (she loves Clooeney) and I was about: "Gaah!!! It's a political movie. It will be boring!"

Well, GosAdd at the end of the movie I've found myself totally in love with that young weird actor. Honestly, I watched The Notebook but I didn't realize Ryan was younger Noah. I've never followed actors before The Ides of march.
So after Ides I watched The Notebook (screened on Italian tv few days later) and then I've bought Drive after my Summer holidays. I was curious as it seemed a masterpiece.

And after a second viewing, I was obsessed. Obsessed with Ryan ok. But overall obsessed with the movie. I've never seen something like that before. Few dialogues, slow scenes, love that turns into a sudden violence. That was ART. And this post is for chatting about  few scenes .

At the MOTEL  
Driver sits on the bed and Blanche is in the bathroom when Driver hears a rumor and he understands. When Driver kills the killer he is in the bathroom covered by blood and one of the 2 killers and Blanche are dead on the floor.  Very slowly Driver hides himself by moving backwards til he disappears from the sight. Ok, maybe you would notice nothing but to me that particular shot is breathtaking.


DRIVER goes back to IRENE  -  
He knocks at Irene's door after Standard's death and he asks to talk to her for a while so he confesses to her saying he was there when Standard passed away, he still has the money and she slaps him in the face. Driver is crying  silently (I swear I've seen a tear on his cheek). In this scene I love Ryan/Driver look. His eyes are begging for her forgiveness and for her love.


Extreme sweetness turns into hard violence. Driver understands that man is there for kill him (or them both) and he cares not for himself but for his Irene. It's now clear Driver and Irene are in love (and I love the way Nicolas shows it to us in such a gentle way) and what does Nicolas decide to do? He lights the elevator and when they're kissing the lights dim softly and when it's over they get up again. Maybe because their love is so pure and it's a way to protect it from the cruelty of the world (that in a while explode in front of our eyes).

The absence of dialogues gives you the chance to take time to think, to understand what's unsaid in this movie. You see the love between them, a pure love, a deep love. 

And let's not forget the beautiful Soundtrack!  Everytime I listen to the sound of Nightcall I feel a shiver down my spine. This movie is poetry to me.
Have you seen the movie? Have you liked it? Let me know.

In the meantime I do wish you a happy week-end.

Stay Gos


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  1. Excelente información.!!!

  2. Ahhhh I totally undersand you when you say that you had never followed any actor before Ryan, and that Drive hit you because it's real art... when I read you article I feel like it could be me writting that ! I discovered Ryan about 2 month ago in the notebook -well, a friend was trying to make me apreciate love stories- and I was like... puzzled a bit by this young actor, there was something magnetic about him. And then, I watched other movies, and I became obessed with him, though I had always looked down on those girls fanatic about some actors...I listened to dead man's bones, and I litterally fell in love with this music. And thanks to Ryan, I discovered the real cinema ; just like you I didn't use to watch great and interesting movies. I simply undertood what the point of a good movie was. Drive by example turned me upside down, just like half Nelson or the place beyond the pines. Ryan showed me the poetry that could be in cinema, he made it interesting. Anyway, thank you for the great job you're doing here ! And I just have a little question for you... Did you talk to him or even see him ? (I mean, for real !)

    1. Hello Leonore. Ryan is an amazing actor and this is a real Masterpiece. You ask me if I met him.... No i haven't met him. He lives too far from here :-)

  3. I Like your blog. I hope you will keep on.

    1. Thanks, I will deep on for sure and it would be great if you were the Real Gos ;-)