A mover? A dog walker? Yes, he was!

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Surely you are wonder about the title of this post.
Let me say that I'm not out of my head (not at the moment at least).

Blue Valentine  is  one of the best movie ever made and also one of  Ryan's best interpretation so far. The movie was acclaimed around the world by critics and audiences (of course, not in Italy as Italians are weird persons.. the movie was screened in a bunch of cinemas between February and March 2013.. yes, 2013! and totally ignored).

But maybe few of you know that:

--> Ryan, Michelle and Faith had to live together in the same house. Yes because Derek wanted it. So they spent days and days together (but they go home for sleeping, don't forget Michelle has a sweet little daughter, Matilda Rose). So they celebrated Christmas and Birthdays. Ryan cooked, they cleaned the house.. I mean, they lived like a regular family.
In an interview with the
Guardian, Michelle said:

"Ryan’s a great cook, he’s really good at improvising. He said something sweet when we were in that rehearsal period. He did a lot of the cooking and a lot of the dishes, and I think finally I said to him, “Ryan, this isn’t how it goes. This doesn’t feel real to me.” And he said, “I know, Michelle, but you have a home and a kid. You’re cooking when you go home so I feel bad making you do it here too.”
 Ryan and Michelle didn't play Deand and Cindy.. They became Dean and Cindy and later Michelle said:

"From Blue Valentine I kept my wedding ring. I kept it on actually for… a while… After the shooting had stopped I was still wearing it, I couldn't quite take it off. And now I keep it above the kitchen sink where I do dishes as a little memento - I kept that."  

--> Ryan worked as a mover for real. As you all know Dean worked as a mover in the movie. But maybe you didn't know Ryan helped for some real moves while preparing for the role. Ryan is this kind of actor. He does for real what his character does in the movie (don't forget what he did for The Believer or The Notebook).
So Ryan was a mover for Steinway Moving and Storage. James Benatti (the owner of the company) speaks about Ryan:

"Ryan was funny — during a scene where I interview him for the job, he was cracking jokes about the medical plan. He didn't act like a star. In fact, we first met him in Brooklyn when he walked up to us on the truck and said, 'You must be Mr. Benatti, my new boss.' And I said, 'Oh, I guess this is him.' We didn't know who he was, really. Although a couple of girls walked by while we were moving someone out of a fifth-fl oor apartment, and they said, 'Hey, that looks just like Ryan Gosling.'"

--> Ryan was a dogwalker and had to pick up poops. Unfortunately, there are no videos about this but Ryan himself said that Dean did lot of different jobs before becoming a mover. This is what he said to Current Magazine in December 2010:

"Yeah, he (Derek) was big on Method acting. So at one point, my character is supposed to be a dogwalker, and that didn't make the cut, but on the first day of shooting, I had these two or three little dogs, and Derek kept saying, "You make those dogs poop, Ryan! That's your job, Ryan! Make that dog poop!" And I was like, "OK, I'll try..." But this one dog didn't want to go, because he was nervous, and they wanted to capture it coming out on camera, so I tried massaging his abdomen and doing all these things to coax it out. I even made up a poop song. So finally, he pooped, but it was all diarrhea. And it was raining. So I couldn't pick it up. But Derek was yelling, "Pick up that poop, Ryan! That's your job!" 
Poor Ryan, wasn't he?

--> Ryan did break up after having buried Megan (Frankie's dog). Ryan himself dig a hole for the dog and then, when in the house with Michelle/Cindy, he started crying

 Read what Derek said about the scene above:
"When he was done digging the hole, he broke down. And that was an unscripted scene, him crying at the table. He was actually so emotional and what he told me afterwards was that, that process tricked his body because his body was so exhausted and his body didn't know that that wasn't his dog. His body just buried his dog, and his body reacted in that way."

--> Ryan on the Brooklyn Bridge was mad. Mad because Ryan suffers from vertigo (as Michelle once said in an interview) and the scene was totally improvised. Nobody knew what was about to happen. Derek said to Michelle to not reveal Ryan/Dean she was pregnant under any circumstances. On the otherside, Derek said Ryan (who was ignorant about the scene) to do everything he could for Michelle/Cindy to say what's going on.  

So everything happened without a warning as Canada.com reported. Later our  Ryan admitted:
"I thought that,  even if I fell off that bridge, nothing would have happened to me," he recalls. "I wasn't thinking, obviously, or I wouldn't have done it. I was stupid. It must be one of the stupidest things I have ever done." 

 --> Ryan himself chose "You  & Me", Dean and Cindy's song. Derek let both Ryan and Michelle to choose the songs with their own taste. As for "our own song", Derek asked Ryan to provide for it. So You and Me was his choice.
Read the story (from the digital booklet in the Blue Valentine OST):

So GosAdd, what else can I say? I hope you read the post with interest and without falling asleep.

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