Young Ryan in a new unseen picture

Good evening GosAdd
Still we have no news about our beloved ryan (only tons of rumors).

But today a new pic was released in a way.

The picture is, for being honest, a very old one as it was taken on 21st January 2001 in Park City (Ut) while Ryan was attending Sundance for The Believer (I do remind you the movie won the Jury's Grand Prix).

Jeff Vespa, who took the pic, released an interview for DuJour Magazine and brought this great pic of a young and beautiful Ryan.

Jeff Vespa also talked about Ryan. This is what he said:

"This was the first time I ever met Ryan. We literally met one minute before I took this photo. It’s on Main Street in Park City—we didn’t have a studio then at Sundance—and he was there for The Believer. Nothing happened right away, but Pantera Sarah, a party promoter in L.A. who’s known Ryan since he was very young, was freaking out to me about how he’s going to be huge, and I believed her.
But you just don’t think that after someone’s made it they’re going to become even more massive, which is what happened to him in the last four or five years. And someone like Ryan, these guys don’t change. We’ve stayed friendly over the years, and it’s cool to watch guys like him stay who they are."

So, do you like this young Ryan? By the way, I do suggest you to watch the Believer.

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