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Good Morning my beloved GosAdd..

At the moment you are very very few but I hope soon you will increase..But I won't give up! 

In the end this blog is just a way to show my love for The Gos.
You can think I'm totally out of my mind.. Well, you're totally right! I'm!

So,  today I want to talk with you a little bit about the .Untitled Terrence Malick Project

We all know Terrence Malick is a weird man. He never
use a script (Ryan himself said it) and he didn't like technology and he can cut out actors during the post-production of his movie.

But let's start from the start (sorry for the double word)-

In the beginning the movie was named Lawless but then John Hillcoat asked Malick if he could use the title for his own movie and, as Malick is a pure of heart and truly admires Hilcoat..... Well, Hilcoat had a name for his movie but Malick lost his one. So at the moment the movie is unnamed and we all call it Untitled Terrence Malick Project( UTMP ).

The shooting began (maybe as we are talking about Malick, don't forget it) in Mid 2011: Natalie Portman and Christian Bale where in Austin but... they both are also in Knight of Cup so... we can't be so sure about what movie they was about to shoot as, according to Ryan, Malick was shooting 5 movies at the same time.

What we know for sure is that both Ryan and Rooney Mara were in Austin from 1 to 4 November 2011 for the Fun Fun Festival, just because Malick asked them to be there.

Then the shooting stopped and began again in 2012. The actors stayed in Austin for months (from late August to Mid November) and the wrap party took place on 10th November 2012.

But..... as Malick is a himself... He took Ryan, Rooney and Michael, put them on a plane and they landed in Mexico (Yucatan Peninsula).

And this is the end of what we know....

At the moment the movie is in post-production and the Director is hiding somewhere in the world (not in the US) working on his movie (or movies?).

But on the Imdb site a release date has appeared: 19 September 2014..
and a strange tweet has appeared this Summer..
Tweet Appeared ... true or what??

And 4th September is a very particular date as it's near both Venice and Tiff....
All we can do is being very patient and wait.
In the meantime, keep watching this beautiful video of Ryan and Rooney:

Have a good Sunday, 


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  1. Anonimo11:21 AM

    Thanks to sum up all the informations you have on this:) How do you know Malick is not in the US for the post production? I thought he was editing all his films in Austin.

    1. A birdie told me he is not in the US, i can't say more.
      I'm glad you liked and commented the post, thanks

    2. Anonimo8:21 PM

      Thank you! Can you say if he's in Europe or not? I'm curious about that. I can't wait for that movie.

  2. Anonimo8:42 PM

    Thanks for answering:) Do you know why he decided to edit his movie outside of the US? And then I stop with my questions;)

    1. I can't answer as i don't know. But if we think about Malick... We know he is a very reserved man so maybe he decided to move far away for working without pressure and having all the calm he needs.

    2. Anonimo8:52 AM

      yes it's probably that. That's interesting. Thanks for sharing what you know:). I hope there will be more news soon about this film.

    3. I hope it too. I'm always on searching :-)

  3. Anonimo9:08 PM

    Hello! It's me again. are you sure it's true that Malick is not in Austin? Can you confirm this, because I read an article about the way he works and it says that for post production (on his previous films), he liked to have his crew around him in Austin, where he lives, so that it was easier for him. So I just would like to know if you're 100% it's true that he's not in Austin. Thanks in advance:)

    1. Hello, sorry I've just seen your message now. Well, one of my source (and believe me, it's a good one) assured me he is not in the USA. Also, he suggested Ryan to move away from the Us for editing his movie.

  4. Anonimo8:15 PM

    I'm happy that you saw my message:)
    So Ryan went to Iceland because Malick told him to do so, that's interesting! I wonder why he told him that,as he edited all his previous films in the US...

    1. Who knows!? Maybe he feelstoo much pressure in the US at the moment. I think we won't have an answer soon to this question :-)

    2. Anonimo1:48 PM

      yes, I suppose it has to do with too much pressure... I hope your source will give you more news in the future. :-)