Ryan is a goofball...

This is what Saoirse Ronan said.

At the moment the Irish actress is promoting her new film How I Live Now (premiered at Tiff in September) and, as usual, the interviewr asked her about Ryan Gosling.

Maybe you are wondering what Saoirse has to do with the Gos.

Saoirse should have been Ryan's daughter in Lovely Bones but then the role was given to Wahlberg (but it's another story I will tell you in another post). And later Ryan wanted her to play a part in his movie How to catch a monster.
Saoirse plays Rat and she owns a mouse (in the movie of course) called Nic... She can't tell us more about her role and I won't tell you what I know.

Anyway, when the interviewer asked her about Ryan, she said:
“"Ryan is cool. He is not  so serious. He is a goofball"  
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