I'll keep on walking til I've found..... This is how Ryan sings.

Good Morning GosAdd
Yesterday Twitter went crazy!
As usual, more than once per day I enter all the socials networks (Facebook – always open honestly -,  Tumblr,  Instagram and Twitter -  though I don’t like the last one that much).

When I entered “ryan gosling” on the twitter search bar it started appearing tweets about Ryan being at the British Museum in London and
I said to myself.. “Oh Gos.. he is in London… doing what??”
The thing stinks… It stinks a lot to my nose….

I mean he stayed 3 months in Iceland working on his How to catch a Monster and last week he was back in LA.  
Last Saturday  he was surely in LA and now he took another plane for visiting London and the Museum… Unless he wants to take the audition for being Mr Grey (ok ok.. he received  the script again but honestly I don’t think Ryan is interested as he already refused the script once and for the time the movie should be in its shooting – in Rome it seems - he should promote HIS own movie and then the auditions are set also in Los Angeles) he has no reason for being in London now.
Holiday?? Well maybe but for what I know Ryan (not personally of course), he will remain focused on his own movie til the end. And don’t forget there are good chances the movie would be premiered at Sundance in January  and the movie is not yet completed (the final cut needs to be still approved).

Again, Ryan was spotted at the British Museum, one of the most visited place in the world. How many persons go at the British Museum every day??? Searching on the web it seems more than 5 milions persons go and visit it every year. So:
5.000.000 : 365 days --> 13.698 persons per day more or less..
And among 13.698 persons none had a smartphone or a camera.. and none took a photo of Ryan and posted it on Insta or Twitter..
Nooooooo, they just tweeted Ryan is at the British Museum. Weird, isn’t it?

And don’t forget yesterday it was Canadian Thanksgiving and knowing how much Ryan cares about his own family, it’s more logical he came back home.
Anyway, I’m like Saint Thomas: I need to see for believing. And as I haven’t seen a pic of Ryan at the Brit Museum, to me he is in Los Angeles working hard for his movie (he is a workalcoholic).
Besides, we need to be careful in what we read.
Everyone can get up a day and tweet Ryan (or any other actor/actress) is in  Rome.
Have a nice day


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