I want THAT role, he said to himself..

Yes Gosadd,
This should have been Ryan's thought that day back in 1999 when he was helping a friend preparing for an audition and he decided he wanted to try to have that role.

The director and producers of the movie had an unlucky session in NYC and then flew to Los Angeles.
Our Ryan begged for having his audition and he was added at the end of the session.

When he entered the room, both director and producers thought:
This is not what we are searching for... too tall, too blond.. A giant viking

Definitely not the kind of actor they were searching for but they let him did what he prepared.
Ryan sat down on the floor and he did all the audition sprawled.

Do you know what?? He was a real surprise and Henry Bean found his Danny Balint. and the movie was The Believer

Are you curious in seeing Ryan's audition? Sure you are so take a look at the video



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