Ryan and his near-death experience

Hey Gosadd,
do you know what Seduced and Abandoned is??

It's a documentary made by Alec Baldwin and directed by John Toback and it's nothing else than small interviews taken during Cannes Film Festival with some celebrities (Ryan Gosling - of course, if not this post wouldn't exist -, Martin Scorsese, Diane Kruger, Roman Polanski and many more) about cinema, art, money and death.

The documentary has been aired last Monday ( 28th October 2013) on HBO - that also produced it - and a small video (with our Ryan) is now going viral on the net.

Ryan talks about his near-death experience while he was on a plane.
Forget the guy in the video and just enjoy our Ryan...
He is so funny!!!! Ryan also talks about his uncle Perry.
But there is much more....

On May 2013, the web went crazy for a thing he said:
"I loved movies so much, sometimes, I’d shove them down the front of my pants. 
I liked the way they feel.” 

Oh My Gos!!! Why??? Well, Ryan couldn't watch movies he wanted (do you remember what happened after he watched First Blood?) so, he used to hide them in his pants.

You don't believe me? So, listen to him with your own ears:

 Hopefully, more clips will be released. So, finger crossed!

Stay Gos



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