Let's help Buzzfeed to find an answer

Here I am again,
So yesterday, while on Google (that is becoming my best friend I have to admit it) I've found a new BuzzFeed post about our Gos: Please Help, where in the world has Ryan Gosling been?

I keep an eye on Buzzfeed, it makes me laugh with his funny posts and often it posts Ryan'stuff.
So, they've claimed Ryan has not been photographed since July 2013 when he attended
Only God Forgives premiere in NYC and they've started the post with few Ryan images from May
2013 when Ryan was in Detroit working on his How To Catch a Monster. Then 17th July with Ryan in his Gucci white suit for the Only God Forgives premiere and then??? 

What happens after 17th July??

They've posted few twitter messages: on 27th July Ryan was in line to a Starbuck at O'hare (Chicago Airport) , the day after he was spotted at an IHop (House of Pancakes) somewhere in the US, on 25th August he was spotted at a gas station in Dallas  and the same day he was spotted running on a bike half naked in another place.

But it's not over, not yet!!!! 
On 2nd Sept he was spotted driving in LA and 4 days later he was in Charleston (who knows, maybe doing Noah again) ... But according to twitter Ryan loves Texas and he is spotted again there on 23rd Sept and we've got a pic (of course HE IS NOT Ryan).
And on 14th October Ryan was spotted in London at the British Museum (go check my previous post please), on 24th he was seen on a bike in LA and on 28th October he was spotted in Disneyland..

Ok. so. Let's make clear a thing!  Ryan has always  been in Iceland from 4th July to 30 September  with a few days break just  for being in NYC for the Only God Forgives Premiere.
We have pics taken by fans proving his presence in Iceland during these months

The two last tweets.. yes, they could be true because NOW  Ryan is in Los Angeles, but there is not pic as we all know if there is not a pic the rumor is not true.

Then  last week he was spotted in town wearing again the famous Culkin's Tee

We can easily say the pic is recent because of the pumpkin at Ryan's feet.. Tomorrow it's Halloween, this is the  season for pumpkins and usually you don't see pumpkins around during the rest of the year.

So after being Months in Iceland Ryan is now back to Los Angeles, where he is still working on his first movie.

That's all
Stay Gos


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