Mr Christian Grey? No, thank you

Good Morning GosAdd,
so I suppose you all know that Saturday evening a big new  shocked Hollywood.

This is what appeared on the Official Fifty Shades of Grey page on Facebook
 The filmmakers of Fifty Shades of Grey The Movie and Charlie Hunnam have agreed to find another male lead given Hunnam’s immersive TV schedule which is not allowing him time to adequately prepare for the role of Christian Grey.

But, while reading on the net I’ve read an “interesting article” and the usual “source” said the reason why Charlie left the project is totally different…
 “He wanted to get out of the movie because he was feeling like it would be his version of Showgirls and he didn’t want to be remembered for that.”

Showgirls…. An oooooold movie played by Elizabeth Berkeley who was famous for being in “Saved By The Bell”… where is she now??? She has disappeared.. Oh no, wait… She did small appearances in CSI: Miami… But she is remembered ONLY for being in Showrgirls!

Anyway, let’s go on step by step.
At the moment I didn’t pay much attention on the new as I’m not at all interested in that movie. I’ve read the books during my boring summer holiday last year but honestly, I’ve done my best to forget that trilogy. I can’t understand why those books had became such famous worldwide. But we are different persons and we all have different tastes..

But then yesterday a poll has appearead on Just Jared and my mind started running: the poll asked “Who should play Christian Grey” and Ryan had ranked #4….

Honestly, Ryan didn’t read the script at all and if you all follow the Gos, surely you should know he was asked about the movie at Tiff in September 2012.

Anyway, I know a thing that make me feel really really bad!!!
It seems the role is now offered (again) also to those actors (just like our beloved Gos) who didn’t even read the script.

Personally, I think this movie should never see the light. Many persons say the movie (and also the books) is just a porn version of twilight (I haven’t read the books, as I’m not interested in vampires stuff but the world was fulfilled with twiligh stuff and I know the story) but I do agree!
Let me explain…
Let’s take Ryan as we are fans of him….

In his career on the big screen Ryan has always been very careful in choosing his own movie.
Ok, sometimes he plays in some box offices (always for Warner so far: The Notebook, Crazy Stupid Love and Gangster Squad) and many persons still remember Ryan only for being Noah Calhoun or Jacob Palmer. But in the end they are all nice movies (not his best to me) and Ryan did a great Jacob and an even better Noah. Ok, I agree.
But what about Danny Balint? Or Dan Dunne?? Or LarsLindstrom? Or Driver? Or Dean? Or Luke? Or Julian?
Those are all his greater characters. He did a lot of work for playing them. 
For instance, he studied Jewish for The Believer. He lived together with Michelle and Faith for Blue Valentine. He learnt how to repair cars for being Driver. He also did furniture and went rawing for playing Noah! 
Really, do you want him to have hard sex with a girlie? 
Really do you want him to use whips or other sexual objects?
Really do you want him play that role?

My answer is: No. No. No and No again

 All his hard work would be thrown out of  the window. Driver, Dean, Noah and even Jacob will be forgotten Forever. 
He will be remembered Only for having playing Mr Christian Grey.

Honestly every wise actor would refuse that role. And I trust in Ryan.
 I do hope this would never come true. It’s just a nightmare..

This is my opinion. Let me read your one, please



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  1. "Personally, I think this movie should never see the day of light" - I completely agree with you! This whole trilogy is a joke (and it was not even meant to be printed as a book in the first place!) and I think it only showed how stupid people are (or in reverse: how few people really know what "good literature" actually means) ...

    Anyways, I totally share your oppinion on this movie. It should never be made!
    Instead, I'd rather have five more projects of Ryan as being director!

    1. I'm happy I'm not the only one who has this thought!
      Ryan deserves a best role and yes, I'd rather have more than five project with Ryan as director then this movie.