Ryan, Zach and Witch Stories......

Goose Morning GosAdd,
Yesterday I was searching for some new pics on Instagram and I've found out this new account.
I was curious because it connected you to a Ryan's fan site that I love. So, I asked her/him few stuff and he/she answered me...
This is what I asked.
Are your related to that site? Yes!
Are you working for Ryan's entourage? Yes.
So, is that site official? Not official but quite... 
And this person add: I will post many recent photos of Ryan... And I said: ohhh, wow the last pics we have had been taken by fans while he was in Iceland in September. And the answer was: I won't post that pics because of Ryan's privacy. To me this means he/she would only post Official pics, right??? No paps pics, no fans pics... As it happens on the site, honestly.

Well, honestly I do care a lot about Ryan's privacy but on my Facebook and Tumblr pages I do post pictures of Ryan with his fans (always credit fans who posted the pics) and I also post pictures of Ryan around. I won't post pictures of Ryan in a private house but I post every pic  taken in public places.
Anyway, that Insta's admin then started post tons of "candids"... strange for a person who have written a couple of minutes before: I won't post that pictures... 

But this is not what I want to say to you. the thing I want to say it's A BIGGER ONE!!!!!

A great friend of mine made me notice a picture appearead as first on that insta account and I was like: Gos Gos Gos Gos Gos Gos (honestly, I repeated it tons of times in my minds...). I didn't watched all the media on that account.

The pic was this one:

So let's analize together the picture above....
The name on this pic is Dead Man's Bones and soon our minds go to Ryan and Zach's band.
Featuring The Capital Children's Choir. So, once again the guys have collaborated with a kids choir. This one is an English one, from London for being sharp. So, did the guys go to London?? Hmm... maybe the kids choir did a tour in the Usa and there they meet our heros.
That's all by looking the pictures but.... the Admin wrote few lines.....

Dead Man's Bones, Witch Stories, June 6th 2014, Anti Inc.
So, the name of the band, the name of the new album, date of release and label (Anti Inc. is  the same label for their old cd).
The name is not a big surprise knowing how much the guys love spooky stories, ghosts and stuff like that...
The date has to let us think... 6 th June 2014..... 
Don't forget that: 
  • Ryan has his own movie How To Catch a Monster to be released in the next months;
  • The movie could be in competition at next Cannes Film Festival in May;
  • There is a release date for the movie set for 19 June 2014 in The Netherlands
  • Soundtracks usually are released few days before the movie is in theatres;
  • Ryan was spotted visiting Zach's house in LA last year;
  • Christina Hendricks told in an interview in January Ryan had ALL the music ready for the movie. 

And we've got also the tracklist.. Interesting titles.... and there are for sure good chances the album is the OST of Ryan's movie......
 1. Back of the Wagon 
2. This Heart That Beats In Me
3. The Graveyard Where We Slept
4. Watch the Moon Shine
5. Click-Clack
6. I Found the Needle in the Hay Stack
7. Broken Clock Still Strikes
8. Die In the Orchard
9. Midnight Haunt
10. Attic Sonata
11. Ginger Ale Rock

So now  the question is... Why should this person fool us?

I've already written to Anti Records and to the Choir staff but I have few hopes they will answer.

As for us, we can only keep our fingers crossed for this is true!

Stay Gos 



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  1. what fansite? what instagram?

    1. The account on instagram is no more active. I think it has been deleted. And the site it's Goslingfan.com :-)

  2. Anonimo4:27 AM

    Oh my gosh i really hope there is another album!