In Nicolas shoes..... Noooooo!! Just on his set

Goose Morning GosAdd,
it's Sunday and everything is silence in Ryan's world.

Waiting for him and his movie....  I want to let you see (if you haven't yet) small clips about Only God Forgives... I know I know you didn't like this movie (to me it's a masterpiece).

Anyway, the first one I want to show you it's a brand new one and it appeared yesterday on Vimeo (I added it on my You Tube because it's easier to link it here) and it's about Visual Effects. Honestly, I didn't know about these things but really it's amazing to see how you make some scenes... For instance... how can they cut off Ryan's arm?? Or how can they break Billy's fingers?? Just watch it here:

Amazing, right? What have I told you? The next video is another small clip taken during the making of and Nicolas gives instrunctions. Oh GosAdd... you know, I do love Nicolas Winding Refn! He is one of the best director out there. He knows what he is doing and knows what he wants. He is a solid person. And he is a funny person, that's sure!!! In this video he said: 
We have to make it very aestethic, like homosexual.. like pornography
Hey, this is Him!!!
Still want more of him??? Maybe with our Ryan??? Just ask and you'll be given....  This is the First Beautiful Behind the scene released from the set. You can see Ryan and Nicolas in a room. Nicolas is sitting on a chair and Ryan stands in front of him in all his incredible hotness.... And Nicolas talks... what does he say? Oh, his fave argument is ... Sex and Violence. 
Violence is like sex. It's all about build-up. 
An interesting thing you may not know is: who took this small and funny clip? Believe me or not but I've got the answer! That is Liv Corfixen.. Who is she?? She is a Danish actress and Nic's wife!! Yes she knows well his hubby. Enjoy the video:
And in the end of this post of mine, another Behind The Scene. Nicolas is talking with a Thai cop and he tells him he has the perfect face for the cinema and Ryan gets jealous... What? You don't believe me?? Oh Gos.... Look at this video and then we can talk about it.
Go and Look the Video HERE

Well... that's all for now.
Have a nice Sunday


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