Only God Forgives.... and will HE forgives journos?

Hello GosAdd,
So, I suppose you all have watched Only God Forgives, right? Have you?? 
I was lucky enough I could watch it twice at the cinema before it was over. And I have to wait til December for my blu-ray copy.. Soooooo long time to wait still.. But streaming helps.

We all know by now the movie was premiered in Cannes in May 2013 after being in post-production for quite a year  and we all know that it was booed and had whistles (though not much honestly:  you know, whistles and booed
are louder than an applause… infact there had been a standing ovation for the movie at the evening screening).

Nicolas  (a real genius, like his mom used to say) wrote the script in 2007/2008 during a bad bad period of his own life: his wife, Liv was pregnant with their second daughter and was having many troubles. And Nic was angry. Angry with God. 
So Only God Forgives born and 
- Chang became God: he can choose who let live,  who must die, how to punish sins or to show mercy.
- Julian is in a way Nic in that particular period:  impotent because men are impotent in front of God. Impotent  in front of his "Mother - Mother not Mom or Mommy - who gave him birth.
- Crystal represent Life and Nature. Some kind of power you can't win. 

Quite at the end of the movie, we see Julian opening his mother womb (because as Nic said every man want to come back in his mother womb): a rebellion act. 
Do yon know it was Ryan's idea? Nic asked him if he wanted to laugh or cry in finding her. And Ryan said (joking) I could open her womb and Nic's answers was 'Cool!" And went buying some guts to use.
And it was Ryan's idea let Crystal say 'cum-dumpster'. Poor KST needed more than 10 takes before she could say it to Mai.

Anyway, the movie was booed and the critics were very harder but reading on indipendent movies sites you can only reads beautiful reviews.  I do  think journalists at Cannes was expecting a Drive (don’t’ forget Drive is not by a script by Nicolas  but from a book written by James Sallis) kind of movie and, of course, they got upset when they realised how the movie was different from their thinking.
Me, I think they didn’t study well the lesson.
Nicolas  had always said Drive was like a dream while  Only God Forgives  was more like a nightmare.
They truly wanted Ryan to be there (Cannes organization did a lot of confusion as the day before the screening they sent an official statement to all the journalists at the festival saying “Ryan is Coming” and this couldn’t happen  because he was shooting  How To Catch A Monster set and mostly because the insurance company couldn’t let him take a plane) and his absence really upset them all.
And they also forget the movie was the end of a kind of Trilogy: Valhalla RisingDriveOnly God Forgives. Nic himself said Chang was like OneEye (played by the great Danish Actor Mads Mikkelsen). If you go reading many “famous” magazines they suggest you to watch Drive and Bronson before OGF.. But we all know Bronson is a  totally different kind of movie.

Now, after talking too much, I’m here asking you:
What do you really think about Only God Forgives?

Please, let me know your opinion.


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