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The Mickey Mouse Club is an American variety television show that aired intermittently from 1955 to 1996. Created by Walt Disney and produced by Walt Disney Productions, the program was first televised from 1955 to 1960 by ABC featuring a regular but ever-changing cast of child performers.
Reruns were broadcast by ABC on weekday afternoons during the 1960s, right after American Bandstand. The show was revived after its initial 1955–1959 run on ABC, first from 1977 to 1979 for first-run syndication, and again, from 1989 to 1996 on The Disney Channel.

Ryan wins the selection for being a Mouseketeer
Ryan appeared on a Canadian Newspaper
Back in 1993 Ryan attended an open audition in Montreal. At the beginning it seems Mandi was the
one interested but as she was too "old" for it, then Ryan did it and he won against thousands of others kids. He was the first Canadian to be a Mouseketeer with a two-year contract.

So Ryan, with Donna and Mandi, moved to Orlando (Florida). He became close friend with JT even because during his second year Donna and Mandi had to go back to Canada (it was the period his parents got divorced) and he stayed 6 months at the Timberlakes (Justin's mother was his legal guardian).

Ryan appeared only in 3 episodes of  the MMC (in Season 6 and Season 7) because he wasn't so talented in the end.
"It was kind of depressing because when I got there, they realized that I wasn’t really up to snuff in comparison with what some of the other kids were able to do. I remember one time they put four of us in a dance routine, but I was so off. I was on the end, so they just pushed the shot in closer on the other three guys to frame me out."

So, he started spending his days at Disney them park where he became friend with the guys working in.
"There was one guy who I became friends with. He played a genie and was this great dancer. He took us to a place called Pleasure Island, which was for adults to go after the kids had their days. He would sneak us in and we would go to a club there called 8 Trax and dance with the secretaries, who were grinding on us. Now, that sounds completely inappropriate. I can’t imagine how it was possible." 

Here below you can watch 4 small clips from the MMC featuring our Ryan.
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