Lose your soul - infos and lyric

dead man's bones -- 'lose your soul'News<>

Surely this one is one of their most famous song. Sang all by our beloved Ryan, the song has been used in many movies/tv series: Dollhouse, Ryan Donovan (in the trailer), Dexter (in the 8th Season) and also in La Bataille de Solferino (or Age of Panic) that was premiered in May 2013 at the Cannes Film Festival.
The video is a live version.


Oh, you're gonna lose your soul, tonight
You're gonna lose your soul,
You're gonna lose your soul,
Tonight, tonight.
Oh, you're gonna lose control, tonight. You're gonna lose control, You're gonna lose control, Tonight, tonight, tonight. [children's choir] I get up in the morning to the beat of the drum  I get up to this feeling, keeps me on the run. I get up in the morning, put my dreams away, I get up, i get up, i get up again.


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