2 Managers.. This is what Ryan has now!

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Do you remember Monday I've told you Carolyn Govers was moving from Artist Management to Anonimous Content? 
Today I'm reporting you another "exclusive": IFA is shuttering by the end of 2013.

What is IFA? 
IFA is Ilene Feldman Agency, a talent agency who follows Ryan from the beginning of his career
Ilene Feldman in an old image and with Ryan in Austin, Tx, on Sept 2012

The Deadline.com reported the new yesterday, followed later by by The Wrap.com

On DeadLine.com it's well explained who Ilene Feldman is and how she started her career finding new talents even when she was just a receptionist (at  the time she discovered Nicholas Cage and Johhny Depp and now she represents Ryan Gosling, Josh Hartnett, Angelina Jolie among others) and that she mostly works with Indie actors.
So she is shuttering the talent agency and she is joining LBI as talent managers along with her longtime partner Wendy Murphey.

Reading on The Wrap   we  can also read a declaration from Carolyn Govers 
“In terms of Ryan things are staying exactly the same. He has the two people in his life he’s always had. Ryan has had an amazing career and we’re both responsible for that. I don’t know what anyone else is doing.”

This means Ryan will have 2 managers now and this a new  thing that shocked many person, including an agent who is reported to say
"I've never seen two managers work."
But Leonardo Di Caprio has no Agent but his doing a great career, no matter what.
Ryan has few persons working with him and this since the very beginning. I don't think he would make a change now. So, I think he won't find a new Agent but he will keep on working with Carolyn and Ilene. They know each other and Ryan knows what he wants

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