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Between 2009 and 2010, Ryan and Zach started their first (and so far) only tour through United States and Canada. In the 17 dates they did, Ryan and Zach performed the songs in the album plus a bunch of other songs, never heard before.

And the last unreleased song (well, for what I know at the moment as surely there are tons of private video out there taken during their concerts) is I can’t grow old. Ryan is lead vocals.

Watch the version they performed at Eagle Rock Center for Arts in LA on 27 June 2010.

There are no official lyrics available for the song so I’ve tried to write it down.

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think the lyric is wrong


I’ve been told
Yeah I’ve been told that I can’t grow old
Even though I try…. To die

I wash my soul
Yeah I wash my soul butI can’t grow old
Even though I try…. To die

I move the scent
Yeah I move the scent but I can’t grow old

Turn the lights on
Turn the lights on
Even though I try
Even though I try
To die

Turn the lights on


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