When we could chase out this Monster????

Goose Morning Gosadd,
how are you all doing?

Today I want to talk with you a little  more about Ryan's first movie as Director: How to catch a monster.

I know all it could be said and written has already been said and written, but let me do, please.

So,  Ryan decided to locate his movie in Detroit (he had also considered to shot the movie in Atlanta and New Orleans), where he already worked along with George Clooney for The Ides
of March (back in early 2011) and the Production (Phantasma - Ryan's prodution house -, Bold and Marc Platt) applied for having tax incentives from the State of Michigan.
The shoot should have started in April but  Michigan approved the incentives at the end of the same month ($ 1,75 milions while the entire budget for the movie should be around $ 6 milions).

So, Ryan began filming on May 2013. The first pictures from the set show us a  happy Ryan.

HTCAM - First day on set (1st May 2013). For more pics click HERE
But honestly, the shooting has started months earlier than May, my GosAdd!!
Yes, months earlier!
As usually happens, the first scenes to be filmed are the outdoor ones then it's time to go in Studio for the indoors.
The set stayed in Detroit since May (Ryan was already there since April) til Mid June (when the wrap party took place): Christina Hendricks, Matt Smith, Iain de Caestecker, Eva Mendes and Saoirse Ronan were all there but no trace of  Ben and Barbara Steele.

On 6th June a beautiful message has been posted on Facebook:
HTCAM - Message written by Ryan for thanking  the Catering service in Detroit.
 The message shows how Ryan really cares  and I love when he wrote "thanks for all the help catching this monster".
After the wrap party (15th June)  we had no more news about the movie and on 4th July Ryan was spotted in Iceland (where he edited the movie and where he remained for 3 months) and he just came back in the Us for the Only God Forgives premiere on 16th July in NYC.

But still the question: what about the indoor??? A wrap party usually means the end of the shooting. And you edit a movie when all the shooting is done.

Let's go back few months.. On 23th January 2013 Ryan and Ben were spotted at the WB Studios in Burbank (thanks to a lucky girl we have the pics):
HTCAM - WB Studios in Burbank (23th January 2013)
When the pictures came out we all thought it w as just an inspection but now we know we were all wrong: Ryan was shooting the scenes with Ben.

At the moment, there are no news about the movie but Ryan is back in t he Us so soon we will know and we still have a release date on the IMDB site set for the 19th June in the Netherlands.

The movie is waiting for the final cut: the director and the producers will see the movie and they will decide if delete/add scenes, etc..

As I've already told you there is a good chance the movie will be premiered at next Sundance in January and then at Cannes in may (maybe in "Un Certain  Regard" Selection).

We will know very soon.

Have a nice day


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