How to Catch a Monster: is the movie ready??

Good Morning  Gosadd,
 In the last months Ryan was in Iceland for the editing of How To Catch A Monster  but now he is back in  Los Angeles.

Now, for those who don’t know Ryan lives now in New York City and in every spare time he comes back in Canada (near Toronto, where his beloved Mom Donna lives) but for work he has his own house in Los  Angeles.  And now he is in Hollywood Land .

So - just my opinion of course as we all know how reserved Ryan is – I think the movie is ready.
Yes, Gosadd.  Ready!

But this doesn’t mean it will be released in theatres tomorrow.
Once  the editing  process is done the producers, along with the Director,  will watch the complete movie and then they will decide together.
Well,  they’ll decide if there are scenes that need to be re-shoot (as happened for  Gangster Squad after  the shooting in Astoria, Co) and if the end of the movie is good or not.

Anyway, at the end of November the movies that will be in competition at next Sundance Film Festival will be announced and our waiting will be over.

In 2014 we will have tons and tons of Ryan’s appearance
As Director he is responsible for every single thing and he will do a lot of interviews.

Aren’t you happy for this??

Take Care,


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