Christmas is near.... Put Ryan under the tree!

Good morning,
Today I want to talk about Ryan (of course, in this blog everything is about him). Specifically, I want to talk about what we can buy on our beloved Gos.

As you know i'm Italian and here we can buy few things... No, this is not true.. We can buy everything but only from online foreigner sites. Infact Ryan is not a 'famous' actor yet (and maybe he will never be) and in shops we can buy only (some of his) movies.
That's why I buy only on (yes i buy from the United Kingdom guys).

Besides Christmas is just round the corner (2 months!!!) and maybe it's time to start thinking why you could ask to be gifted...
Let me tell you that all you find in this post is sold on Amazon UK and Amazon USA and all you have to do is click on the name of the article to be linked to the site. I can guarantee they are safe. At the beginning I didn't trust 'em but now I buy often books or movies, I've got my own pre-paid credit card and my orders are always delivered in few days and I have never had a trouble. I do suggest you to give it a try.

So, can we start? Let's go GosAdd.

Books.. on our Ryan Gosling... NOT OFFICIAL of course
Books... A book is always a nice gift.. Well, obviously if you know the taste of the person.
I've picked up this 5 and I've got 2 of them.
The first one is the famous Feminist Ryan Gosling created by Danielle Henderson. She was a student at the time and one evening she was supposed to study but she  couldn't. So, Ryan was there in front of her (maybe on a Magazine) and she started to create funny "hey girl" meme... The book was gifted to me by a friend last year and it's quite funny. Beatiful pics.
The second is the  Colour Me Good: Ryan Gosling. Maybe it's not the perfect book for an adult woman but hey, it's Ryan Gosling! 15 images of Ryan (and George) to colour as you want.
The third one,  Ryan Gosling, Hollywood's Finest, is an unofficial biography. I've bought it soon as it was released and it's not so bad. It's Ryan's career from the very beginning. Nick Johnstone, the author, is a journalist and in the book he refers manly to interview Ryan released through the years.
Then, we've got another new book that is 100 Reasons to love Ryan Gosling, just in case you haven't yet them while  the last one is Ryan Gosling Paper Boy: as you can see from the cover all you need is a pair of scissors.

Let Ryan enter in your owh house

Is your fave cup  just laying on your kitchen floor in tons of small pieces? Does  that wall in your living room looks so miserable without a draw on it? Are you searching for the perfect key rings? Or do you love preparing yummy cupcakes for your friends and family? Take a look at the Kitchen & Home Section: 16 pages of articles you can use for you own house. Keyrings, magnets for your fridge, posters (also signed by our beloved Gos), cups, cake decoration, cushions and also lifesize cardboards! What else do you need?

Oh I know, I know.... You need the  Jacket with the Scorpio Ryan wore in Drive! Well, you know you can't have the original one... Every jacket you can find online is not the original because only a bunch of them were available (and only few person could buy them). But you can buy a "copy" of it. There are tons of sites where you can buy it but, honestly, I don't know if  they're safe or not. 
I don't suggest you to buy tees on they are looking a little sad. But you can take a look on the US Store on, where you can find nice Tees and also a nice pijama, like the ones I've posted in pic above.

Another nice gift could be a case for the phone. Well, maybe you can go to a local shop next to you (as I did few months ago) and make them realize your own cover. If not, you can order them on Us Store - 4 pages with nice covers (mostly for Iphone but not only). The first image you see in the pic  is the same I've got for my own Iphone . I love it!!!

In the end, but this doens't mean it's less interestin, you can gift (or gift yourself) a Ryan for all the year with a Calendar : a pic (sorry, surely not a new one but it's always a Ryan's one!) for every month of 2014. You can also buy the Calendar with a Magnet. And you can wrap all your Ryan's gift with an incredible  Ryan's Xmas Gift Paper .

Well, my GosAdd, let me tell you that I will receive no money from or I thought this could be just useful for you.

Let me know your opinion about the post (and also the blog) please. 

Stay Gos


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  1. These are such cute gifts! I really love the iphone cases and the calendars!!

    1. I'm hapoy you've found something interesting in my post. The cases are really nice :-)