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In 2005 Ryan and others actors - Zach Braff - Kate Hudson - Oliver Hudson - Brittany Murphy - Amber Tamblyn - Elijah Wood and Joaquin Phonix - gave his voice to this documentary on the Holocaust.

The documentary was based on the book Salvaged Pages: Young Writers' Diaries of the Holocaust by Alexandra Zapruder and was then developed by MTV and directed by Lauren Lazin.
It has been donated to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and Simon Wiesenthal Center to be screened as a part of their permanent collection.

The introducing part was given to Zach Braff.  Then on archival footage, personal photos and text the actors read pieces of the diaries.

Ryan gave his voice to Ilya Gerber. His  richly illustrated diary is now in the archives of the Vilna Gaon Jewish Museum in Lithuania.

Extracts of the diary of young Ilya

January 1, 1943
We, the Jews, stand on the threshold of 1943. Of this year it was said that the Jews will not see it--they will not survive that long. …The Jew, the people cursed by Der Stürmer as the criminal of all crimes, the one responsible for the world war, the betrayer of nations, the enemy of the people, the parasite who lives at the expense of others, the Bolshevik, the capitalist, the eternal exploiter, upon whose head all curses are heaped, guilty of everything--he, yes he, has survived to a new year, the year 'forty-three! 

Another one:
"The Jews in the ghetto, people being condemned to die, future daisy-pushers - these are the ones who are to create a chorus in the ghetto? Why? To amuse the embittered public? For whom? For the Germans?"
Read more on MTV Think site and read also this article from The New York Times.


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