Buried in Water - infos and lyric

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The fourth song in the album is Buried in Water and to me it sounds a very autobiographic song.
Ryan raised in Cornwall (Ontario, Canada) and in the 1800s the town was overflowed by the river and so there is an old town covered by water (and  this brings me to think How to catch a Monster  could be a kind of autobiographic movie).
And Ryan fears the water


What a lamb to its slaughter
Buried in water

Down under the ground
There's a town there,
I've been down there
In the middle of the lake
I hold your hand for goodness sake

When the women and kid's are asleep
The walls there and the skin of the sheep
So lock all the windows and doors
The devil's coming for you and yours

 Like a lamb to his slaughter
Buried in water
Buried in water
Buried in water

When the leaves go floating away
In the pale moonlight
Bury anchors in our garden
And we can let our heartbeats go


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