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There are many sites, blogs or socials pages devoted to Ryan. At first, when I was looking for some infos the only things I could find very easily were pictures. Hundreds and hundreds of pictures of Ryan. And this really let me speechless.

Ok, Ryan is a beautiful man (oh well… to my eyes of course) and all his imperfections (the left eyes smaller than the right, those little scars, those little spots, his long face)  make him looking so perfect to me.
Anyway I was saying something else…. I was saying that I was speechless because I  couldn’t find infos about his projects.

So I’ve decided ( it was 24 august 2012) to open my Ryan’s Facebook Page and I’ve started searching the web. I’ve tried to make a different page and I think I’m doing a pretty good job (according to my GosAdd, ask them please).
Then I opened my blog on Tumbrl though Facebook is still my main page but both Facebook and Tumbrl can't be kept in order. When you look for an old info or an article you  go crazy while trying.
So, I’ve decided to open this blog. 
Hope you will like it and you will find here "usefull" information about Ryan.

Let me remind you few things:
- This site has been created by a fan based in Italy;
- I’m a fan and make no money from this blog.
- I run this site to share information with other fans and for fun.
- It’s been hard to track down a great deal of information so please share, reblog or credit me for the information I post here  and don’t copy/steal them.
- I only work with facts and use reliable sources.
- You won't find gossip about Ryan's private life.
- I won't post candids but only photos from official events, movie sets or where Ryan is well aware of being photographed.
- I do not know Ryan, his parents/relatives and his assistants.
- I do not know Ryan's addresses.
- Please, don't write me asking for date with him. This is a Fansite and I can't pass messages to Ryan.

And now, enjoy your staying.

If you have any information or you would like to email me please contact me:

Stay Gos


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